Franklin Pierce in the Press - 2013 Archive

Franklin Pierce University featured in TV, radio, digital and print.


1/3/2013 Keene Sentinel FPU baseball team ranked 9th in poll
1/7/2013 Keene Sentinel Johnson's 26 powers FPU women
1/7/2013 Keene Sentinel Jean-Guillaume leads winning FPU charge
1/8/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Professor gives her viewpoint on the Economy
1/9/2013 USA Today Smart watches, forks help students stick to healthy habits
1/15/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Doctor Kristen Nevious on politics in 2013
1/15/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Relations Director Lisa Murray Named President of Rindge Chamber
1/17/2013 Boston Globe Fairhaven's Kara Charette a fabulous freshman for FPU basketball
1/17/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU star set for final run of college career
1/18/2013 USA Today Freshman Stephen Keimig quoted in USA Today
1/22/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU looks to form partnership with local farm to help teach students
1/22/2013 WMUR Local college student recounts inauguration experience
1/22/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU student Stephen Keimig covers topics at Inauguration
1/23/2013 The Daily Orange Greek duo anchors Franklin Pierce's starting lineup
1/23/2012 The Kettering Foundation's Annual Newsletter; Educating for Democracy
1/24/2013 The Keene Sentinel FPU Thoreau Art Gallery on display
1/27/2013 The Keene Sentinel Nine FPU students and Kristen Nevious attend inaugural events
1/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU students at Obama Inauguration 
1/31/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU women finding a way to pull out wins

2/1/2013 South Coast Today Kara Charette making big impact with Franklin Pierce basketball team
2/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU to host talk on sustainable farms
2/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU's athletic facility collapses from snow
2/12/2013 The Keene Sentinel Officials examine 'Bubble' damage
2/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens picked to wn conference
2/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger Bubble collapse forces FPU to adjust
2/16/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU still unsure about Bubble repairs
2/16/2013 The Herald News FPU's Anthony Chighisola battles back to resume career
2/22/2013 Keene Sentinel FPU says Bubble will be back by summer
2/24/2013 Union Leader With Bubble burst, Franklin Pierce University readies its backup plan
2/26/2013 Monadnock Ledger Rebuilt Bubble set for summer completion
2/26/2013 Monadnock Ledger Outdoor Education and its impact on children
2/28/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU names commencement lineup
2/28/2013 Monadnock Ledger Former FPU star will play for WNBA 3 years after being drafted

3/5/2013 Monadnock Ledger Winter fun at FPU
3/5/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens bring home four NE-10 awards
3/7/2013 Monadnock Ledger Two FPU students attend Leadership College event
3/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens grab East No.1 seed
3/17/2013 Union Leader Franklin Pierce gains NE-10 men's basketball final
3/18/2013 The Keene Sentinel Franklin Pierce names leader of graduate college
3/19/2013 Campus Compact Miranda Mantello, Franklin Pierce University
3/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU appoints new academic dean
3/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU falls in 1st round of NCAA
3/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Men's basketball advances to East Finals
3/20/2013 Student Advisor Student Spotlight: Brian Boudreau of Franklin Pierce University
3/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens advance to D-II Elite Eight
3/24/2013 Union Leader Thompson hurls Franklin Pierce to win
3/25/2013 Union Leader Franklin Pierce basketball team's next test is Metro State
3/26/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens to make first Elite 8 trip in school history
3/26/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Corner
3/27/2013 Ms.Magazine FPU professor Donna Decker: A Literary Canon of Dudes
3/28/2013 WMUR Franklin Pierce hoops loses in Elite 8
3/28/2013 Union Leader Franklin Pierce falls in Elite Eight matchup
3/28/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Basketball: Making history, one game at a time
3/30/2013 Union Leader Jean-Guillaume earns All-American hoop honors

4/2/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU's peer tutoring;FPU's Goodby to discuss archeology
4/2/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens fall short in Final Four bid
4/4/2013 Monadnock Ledger Documentary on Rwanda screens at FPU on April 11
4/4/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Baseball: The Signs of Spring
4/6/2013 The Keene Sentinel FPU graduate discovers the artist within
4/16/2013 Monadnock Ledger Fairpoint donates to FPU program
4/18/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU professor and students stage original musical "Vanishing Point"
4/23/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU athlete battles back after tearing ACL
4/23/2013 Monadnock Ledger Park Theatre, FPU building bridges through volunteers
4/30/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU professor on research expedition in Alaska

05/02/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU presents Moving Expressions
05/02/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Bubble reinflated; repairs continue
05/07/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens claim division title
05/09/2013 Monadnock Ledger The Story of School's Endurance
05/09/2013 Monadnock Ledger One-night interactive exhibit at FPU
05/09/2013 Inside Higher Ed FPU commencement Speaker Announced
05/13/2013 Huffington Post Commencement Speakers for 2013: FPU
05/13/2013 Keene Sentinel FPU baseball in NCAA"s
05/13/2013 Metro World News FPU Professor insight on US soccer
05/14/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU seeking donations
05/14/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Fitzwater Center honors Medallion winners
05/14/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Professor on Monadnock: The Mountain That Stands Alone
05/16/2013 Monadnock Ledger Stoneyfield founder and Olympian at FPU Graduation
05/17/2013 Union Leader FPU Baseball cruise in NCAAs
05/17/2013 US News Commencement Speakers Map FPU
05/18/2013 Union Leader Stoneyfield founder suggests FPU students ask Why not?
05/18/2013 Union Leader FPU Ravens outlast Penman
05/19/2013 The New Hampshire Sentinel FPU graduates value personal enterprise
5/19/2013 NEBN Franklin Pierce World Series bound after winning regional
5/19/2013 The Union Leader FPU baseball
5/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger Meeting the Challenge of life
5/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU wins 6th regional championship
5/30/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens open World Series with win

06/01/2013 Costco Connection (pg 20) Temple Grandin takes new angles to solve modern problems
06/02/2013 Associated Press FPU to work on plan to manage polluted pond
06/04/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU hires director of nursing education
06/04/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU: study to address pong pullutants
06/04/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU falls short at D-II World Series
06/04/2013 Monadnock Ledger CrossFit at Franklin Pierce
06/05/2013 WMUR NH Ballplayers ready for MLB draft
06/10/2013 The Keene Sentinel 'Bubble' rebuilding at FPU at work in progress
06/11/2013 Monadnock Ledger Four Ravens selected in MLB Draft
06/13/13 Chamber honors students at FPU
06/16/13 Union Leader Journey begins for NH minor Leaguers
06/16/13 Keene Sentinel FPU professor becomes 'Teacher at Sea' in Alaska
06/17/13 Kennebec Journal Summer means more baseball
06/18/2013 Business NH Magazine FPU appoint Southard as Dean of CGPS
6/21/2013 Dashers pick FPU's Anothony Chigisola
06/24/2013 Cubs sign FPU Student Trevor Graham

07/02/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Ravens acquire new pitcher Graziano
07/02/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Ravens Capture I4U invite crown
07/11/2013 Gilford Steamer Penny Pitou receives honorary doctorate from FPU
07/23/2013 Monadnock Ledger Camp Quest at FPU
07/23/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU hosts scholar development forum
07/28/2013 FPU's Kevin McGowan looks for major success on mound
07/29/2013 Kevin McGowan of FPU follows uncles minor league footsteps

08/2013 Business NH Magazine FPU had one of the lower tuition raises
08/01/2013 Monadnock Ledger Students Participate in Presidency Conference
08/01/2013 Monadnock Ledger Diner ties to FPU grad
08/02/2013 Spencer New Leader FPU Professor Frank Hubacz reflects on Alaska Voyage
08/06/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU trustee president of college in N.J.
08/08/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU grad Kemp signs with Seattle
08/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU thankful for drug awareness
08/20/2013 Monadnock Ledger Obituary for former FPU professor William Ball
08/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Announces two new trustees
08/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU faculty contribute to storybook themed fund raiser
08/292013 FPU's Donna Decker freshmen seminar makes meaning of school shootings

09/03/2013 Monadnock Ledger CGPS of FPU making changes
09/03/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Fall sports schedules
09/03/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU sports soaring to the top
09/05/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Welcomes Honors Program students
09/06/2013 NH schools including FPU adapt to changing business world
09/07/2013 Building bridges between FPU and Rindge police
09/10/2013 Monadnock Ledger Police sign shared principles with FPU Police
9/25/2013 Culinary skills get the old college try during Glocalvore at FPU
9/26/2013 Monadnock Ledger Food showcase at FPU

10/05/2013 The Keene Sentinel The Bubble's back at Franklin Pierce
10/08/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Bubble back in business
10/10/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Runners make strides
10/05/2013 Monadnock Ledger Fresh Faces at Franklin Pierce
10/15/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU participates in social business challenge at UNH
10/16/2013 FPU's Professor Mooiman assists a Guide to Home Heating Fuels
10/17/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Professor Rob Goodby Digging into the history of the Abenaki
10/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger Rotary Camp Programs at FPU Honored by State Board of Education
10/22/2013  Formula for a Sustainable Campus by FPU's Sustainability Coordinator
10/22/2013 Monadnock Ledger Fallon is chair at FPU
10/22/2013 Monadnock Ledger  FPU to hold health forum
10/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU coordinators speak at conference
10/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger Nixon's grandson to kick off FPU's Fry Lecture Series
0/31/2013 Monadnock Ledger Dressing up the drama at FPU
10/31/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU offers seminar on Chronic Illness

11/01/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Student-Government President highlighted
11/05/2013 Monadnock Ledger After Sox win, Quiet night at FPU
11/07/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU DPT students naming Physical Therapy Month in NH
11/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU's Ray achieves student-athlete honors
11/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger Paul Wainwright photo exhibition opening
11/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger Former Conant star Sprirngfield commits to FPU
11/14/2013 Monadnock Ledger Grandson speaks about Nixon's 1972 China trip at FPU
11/192013 Monadnock Ledger Womens Basketball defeated Bridgeport
11/21/2013 State grant to help local colleges like FPU 
11/21/2013 Keene Sentinel Local colleges like FPU get state grant
11/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger Women in the Arts show at FPU
11/21/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU, Keene State collaborate in drug prevention
11/21/2013 Keene Sentinel FPU Splits conference games
11/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Lachrimae performs 'Welcome Yule'
11/29/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU students' journey of a lifetime

12/03/2013 FPU students in Goodyear work with Firefighters
12/03/2013 Monadnock Ledger Franklin Pierce runners top the East Region
12/05/2013 Keene Sentinel FPU Lachrimae performs Welcome Yule
12/05/2013 Monadnock Ledger Ravens headed to NCAA tournament
12/05/2013 Keene Sentinel Ravens Split at SNHU
12/10/2013 Monadnock Ledger Frank Dipietro, found of Franklin Pierce, dies
12/12/2013 Monadnock Ledger J-R Rotary donates $5,000 to FPU Bubble
12/13/2013 Keene Sentinel DiPietro dies; career educator founder of FPU
12/17/2013 Monadnock Ledger Chief named business leader
12/17/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU's Cleland honored for research
12/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger FPU Basketball now nationally ranked
12/19/2013 Monadnock Ledger Women's Rugby takes 3rd place