James F. Birge, 4th President of Franklin Pierce University

Welcome and thank you for being part of the Franklin Pierce University community. I know that you are a person committed to advancing your education, that you expect to have small classes where faculty care about you and what you learn, and that you want peers who are  intellectually stimulating. Franklin Pierce University provides all of these things, and more, in environments that are safe and comfortable. My colleagues and I are committed to providing you with exceptional academic experiences, whether you are a first year undergraduate,  an adult returning to further your education, or a graduate student.

Since 1962, Franklin Pierce has provided a high quality education so that our graduates can play leadership roles in a rapidly changing world. Indeed, our mission is to educate students to become Leaders of Conscience capable of making ethical decisions in their professional and personal lives that contribute to their professions and to the communities where they live.

You can find successful Franklin Pierce graduates in the fields of health care, education, mass communication and business, among others, and living in communities around our region and the world. These students' successes began at Franklin Pierce University.






The foundation of our students' success is rooted in the liberal arts curriculum we offer to  expand their intellectual curiosity, and in the skill sets we help students to develop so that they are able to respond to changes in employment markets. Most importantly, Franklin Pierce graduates succeed because they are taught, mentored and guided by faculty who are focused upon student learning and who care about their students. A liberal arts foundation, preparation for a career, and exceptional teaching are all elements of a high quality academic experience. These are also characteristic of a Franklin Pierce University education.

Again, welcome to Franklin Pierce University.

James F. Birge, Ph.D.