Sustainability at Franklin Pierce

Our Commitment

Franklin Pierce University’s commitment to the environment is deeply rooted in the rich natural setting of  the main campus in Rindge. With over 1000 acres of undeveloped forests, fields, wetlands and lakeshore, the land provides excellent opportunities for experiential learning about ecology as well as the impacts of humans on the natural world.  In 1998, the Environmental Science Department proposed the Ecological Conscience Initiative, which was endorsed by President George Hagerty as well as the full faculty. 

Ecological conscience is a collective awareness of the effects of our actions on all aspects of the ecological community, and a demonstrated respect for that community. The ecological community includes people as well as other species, and the land, air and water that sustain them. If we are concerned that future generations should be able to live happily, enjoy clean air and water, have a beautiful place to live, and continue as part of an evolutionary chain, then we must be responsible members of that ecological community. By helping individuals develop an ecological conscience, we will help them learn how to live well while minimizing their impacts on the community, thus becoming part of a sustainable society.

  - Ecological Conscience Initiative 1998    

This initiative was a call to action for the institution, and it identified several areas to work on:

  • Making environmental responsibility part of the University academics;  increase the interdisciplinary teaching about sustainability;
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of campus operations
  • Protecting FP-owned wildlands; increase opportunities for low-impact outdoor recreation
  • Creating a low-impact ”green building” for environmental science and related fields.

Franklin Pierce has made substantial progress towards all of these goals. In 2007, our efforts were kicked into high gear when President Hagerty signed the American College and University President’s Commitment to Climate Neutrality.

To fulfill its commitment to Climate Neutrality, Franklin Pierce’s Ecological Conscience Initiative became the Sustainability Council, and we are working on a number of actions to decrease greenhouse gas production, improve land stewardship, and reduce the environmental impacts of campus operations. 

All of these programs are now part of a larger strategic plan, the Green Earth Initiative, which strives to make the environment a central focus of all university actions.

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