Intelligence & Security Studies


A minor is offered in Intelligence and Security Studies

The Franklin Pierce Difference

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The Intelligence & Security Studies minor program trains students in intelligence collection and analysis with a focus on national security. Courses in political science and psychology provide the context in which students come to understand intelligence analysis, espionage, terrorism, and how to combat threats to national security.

Students develop an understanding of contemporary intelligence issues from a broad range of psychological, political, technological, ethical and historical perspectives. By reviewing intelligence successes and failures, students gain insight into methods of threat identification and elimination.

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Franklin Pierce University
College at Rindge


Dr. Frank Cohen
Associate Professor of Political Science
B.S. Bradley University
Ph.D. State University of New York at Binghamton

Dr. Jennie Brown
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A. New Mexico State University
M.A. New Mexico State University
Ph.D. New Mexico State University