Business Internships at Franklin Pierce

I believe that besides the experience that I received while completing my internship, all of the personal connections that I made is probably one of the most important things that I got out of the internship experience.

Sean Pothier, internship completed at Providence Arts Club

Keith Brouillard, New England Patriots
    Keith Brouillard, New England Patriots, Foxboro, Mass.

Business classes in many ways simulate the real world with hands-on exercises and help provide students with the skills and knowledge sought by today's employers. In addition to classroom experiences, or serving on a student consulting team such as S.I.F.E. or the Small Business Advisory Group, choosing an internship for academic credit offers real-world work experience. Students have the option of completing an internship at a for-profit or non-profit organization.

Advantages of Internships

An internship experience offers many opportunities. For example, students may develop new skills, gain new knowledge, increase self-confidence, gain business contacts through networking and crystallize their career choice. Often, interns will secure a job at the organization where the internship was fulfilled. From the employer’s perspective, internships are viewed as beneficial to their organization. Employers may discover that the intern’s knowledge, skills and ideas may help the organization become more successful. In some cases, an intern may be hired after the internship, thus a cost savings is realized because on-the-job training has already taken place and the intern has been exposed to the organizational culture. Employers often cut costs by less recruiting efforts in this regard.

This internship allowed me to use what I have learned in college and was great preparation for a real job in the future.

Alison Considine, internship completed with Boston Bruins


Caitlin Silva, NBC-WHDH
Caitlin Silva, NBC-WHDH, Arlington, Mass.

Roles of Participants

Once a student has completed a learning contract, in consultation with a faculty advisor and employer supervisor, the intern begins work with the employer. The intern is expected to complete the goals, learning objectives and employment responsibilities that are spelled out in the learning contract. Throughout this process, learners are required to keep a journal, write a final report and document evidence of tasks completed while on the job. For example, an accounting major may have helped develop financial documents.  A marketing student may have helped develop a marketing plan or advertising campaign.

The role of the faculty advisor is to help the intern integrate his/her academic interest with the internship. Throughout the internship process, the faculty advisor is available to answer questions about the process, provide helpful work-related hints, act as an information catalyst and provide any other necessary feedback. In addition, the faculty member will evaluate evidence of completing the internship-learning contract.

Brooke Lafave, Carol Hess Mediation and Arbitration Services
Brooke Lafave, Carol Hess Mediation and Arbitration
Services, Concord, N.H.

The role of the employer supervisor is similar to that of a mentor, teacher and coach. Building trust, giving feedback and serving as a soundboard are part of this relationship. At the completion of the internship, the employer completes an internship evaluation form.

Communication among participants and the Learning Community
Throughout the internship process the intern, faculty advisor and employer supervisor communicate with one another as to progress. All contact information is provided on the Internship Learning Contract. Additionally, a community discussion forum is available to students enrolled in internships and supervising faculty members.

I learned so much from this internship…. Once the foundation has been set in college, it is necessary to have an experience of an internship to hammer home all the different things you learned, as well as learn things on your own.

Stephanie Hartenstein, internship completed with SimplexGrinnell


Matt Naffah, Arnold Worldwide Advertising
Matt Naffah, Arnold Worldwide Advertising, Boston, Mass.

Internship Opportunities

Prospective interns should consider networking. Contacts through faculty advisors, family, friends and Internet links will most likely prove successful. Students may also want to consider organizations near where they will be living at the time of the internship. One option is to view yellow pages business categories in a given geographic area. Your local Chamber of Commerce also offers great search capability and connections. Search engines such as and may also be of help. Franklin Pierce Career Services continually receives internship related information and opportunities. Lastly, check out our Internship Contact Information document for a complete listing of successfully completed internships by Franklin Pierce business students.