Environmental Studies/Science Degree to Master's Pathway Program

4+1 Pathway Program in partnership with Antioch University

The 4+1 pathway program will allow you to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies from Franklin Pierce University (FPU) in four years and earn a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies at the completion of your fifth year of study.

Antioch University New England’s (AUNE) Environmental Studies Department will accept up to 6 credits from FPU toward an MS in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Advocacy for Social Justice & Sustainability, Conservation Biology, Environmental Education, Science Teacher Certification, or Sustainable Development & Climate Change or an MS in Resource, Management & Conservation.

Program Details

Undergraduate Environmental Science and Environmental Studies graduates receive the fundamental knowledge and skills for scientific and social environmental careers.

Program Sequence

  • The undergraduate program starts on the Rindge, NH campus. Years 1-3: Undergraduate classes are held at Franklin Pierce.
  • Year 4: Classes are held at both Franklin Pierce and Anitoch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire.
  • Year 5: The Master's in Environmental Studies will be completed at Anitoch University.

Academic Plan

  • 6 credits will transfer from Franklin Pierce University to Anitoch University New England to count toward the Master's program*
  • Earn 30 credits at Antioch University New England
  • Save tuition expenses and time; complete your Bachelor's and Master's faster.
  • Intern anywhere in the world

*Transferable courses will be determined on an individual basis using an individualized program plan for each student.

Financial Services

Financial Aid

  • 100% of students at Rindge receive financial aid.
  • Students will be charged regular FPU tuition and other fees.
  • Students entering this program in their fourth year of study at FPU will enroll at FPU and be awarded financial aid from FPU.
  • Students entering their fifth year of study will enroll at AUNE and be granted financial aid through AUNE.

Financial Arrangements

Students participating in the join program will be charged appropriate full time tuition, fees, room, board and associated costs in their fourth year of matriculation at FPU. Students participating in the 5 year, join program, will be assessed a $5000 program fee in the fourth year, the amount of which will be paid to AUNE by FPU as the cost for any and all coursework that the student takes at AUNE; Franklin Pierce students will not be charged over and above $5000 for the program fee, nor will FPU reimburse more than $5000 to AUNE for joint coursework. FPU students that do not transfer in courses from AUNE will not be subject to the program fee.

Both FPU and AUNE will monitor enrollments in the joint program and agree to revisit the program fee and AUNE course payment in 2017 to consider greater revenue beyond the program fee, paid to AUNE

Progression Standards:

  1. Completion of all General Education requirements at FPU
  2. Be on track to complete at least 96 credits at FPU at the conclusion of your junior year
  3. Minimum 3.0 GPA in the major at FPU at the conclusion of the fall semester of your junior year
  4. Written student statement of interest and vision
  5. Two letters of recommendation from FPU faculty; at least one from a faculty associated with the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies majors.
  6. Interview with the relevant AUNE Concentration Director


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