Music Ensembles and Vocal Groups

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Franklin Pierce Univesity's LachrimaeLachrimae is a select group of singers and players who perform, in period costume, the music and dance of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Students, faculty and staff are invited to sing or play any number of early instruments including recorder, cornamuse, sackbut, cornetto, harpsichord, Renaissance flute, rebec and harp. We perform regularly on campus and throughout the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. Lachrimae has been delighting area audiences with its unique blend of early music, dance and humor since 1979.


Defenestration is the newest ensemble at Franklin Pierce. Our name explains the simultaneous feelings of freedom and risk inherent in what we do. Defenestration explores new music, music by faculty, students, local composers and the musical avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s. Students may participate instrumentally or vocally and are encouraged to try new things. Our most recent performance saw the world premieres of the following works*:

Programs by Defenestration

Franklin Pierce University's DefenestrationThe Alyssa Permutations by Alex Lubet
Five by John Cage
Claptrap by Paul Suskind
An Outside With an Inside In It by Nathan Davis* (Commissioned by Franklin Pierce for Defenestration)
Holding On* by FP student Joseph Falabella
How Fragile She Is by Frank Wallace
Obsequious, Purple and Clairvoyant*, a composition created by Defenestration as a group

Ensembles of Note by Larry Polansky
Song of Loving-Kindness by Joel Feigin
Wood, Skin and Rock by Moses Mark Howden Music Walk by John Cage Distant Hills by Thomas P. Miller
Fanfare for Toys by Moses Mark Howden
On Hearing the First Snowfall by Paul Scharfenberger

defenAnomalous 1-6 by Christian Asplund
Spectral Glow by Terry Winter Owens
Sam's Dance by Adrienne Albert
Imitation II by Shigeru Kan-No
Trio for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano
The Five Elements II* by Paul Scharfenberger

Franklin Pierce University DefenstrationPortraits of Personality* by John Desilets
Sustained Sounds, with percussion by Michael Parsons
Thomas Has a Girlfriend from The Moppet Songs by Jason Bahr
Sketches for Two by Frank Wallace
Dance of the Rose Remembered* by Bill Yonge
The Owl and the Blackbird* by Paul Scharfenberger

Ariadne's Crown by Terry Winter Owens
Reflections on Poems of Claude McKay* by Robert D. Polansky ( )
Four Songs on Poems by Walter S. Landor by Martin Blessinger
Out of Windows* by Quinn Collins
Dreams* by Paul Scharfenberger

*World Premiere

Choral Union

Franklin Pierce University Choral UnionMusic has some of its greatest roots in vocal expression. Singing within a group setting provides an unusual peak experience and opportunity for interaction with other performers while communicating through the eyes of a composer.

Choral Union is a large chorus of mixed voices who perform with piano accompaniment. A wide variety of choral works are explored each semester.


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