What Alumni say about the Music program at Franklin Pierce University


Joseph Lefebvre is a currently employed by Special Event Services, a production company based in Winston Salem, NC. Chris "We specialize in audio, lighting, and video for large acts in the music industry as well as ministry tours. I have spent the last three and a half years touring the United States and Canada with Zac Brown Band, The Avett Brothers, and Darius Rucker. The skills learned through the music program at Franklin Pierce have not only given me the technical skills to thrive in the pro audio field, but also the social and communication tools to move me charismatically through the industry. My experiences at Franklin Pierce leave me eternally grateful for the path that has opened up for me. My career in music has been made available to me not only by my earned degree in Music Technology, but the dedicated staff that allowed me to express my creativity through learning on my terms and their continuing passion for teaching."

Liz Clark is currently Media Technician at Harvard University, a position she achieved shortly after graduation from Franklin Pierce. She does classroom technology and records classes and special events and says she loves her job. Chris "The Music Technology program at Franklin Pierce University allowed me to gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in the audio visual field while also providing a traditional music background with music theory, music history and ensemble participation. The Music Department is a tightly knit community within the larger community of Franklin Pierce and I instantly felt at home. In the technology track, the courses are project based allowing you to learn through experience, running the gamut of conceptualizing a composition to mixing a final product using professional quality software. I had initially thought that I would only concentrate on learning audio engineering techniques but soon discovered my love for composing electronic music, which I will carry with me forever. That is the beautiful thing about a liberal arts education: the ability to explore your chosen field of study. The faculty is very knowledgeable in their chosen specialties and incredibly supportive as well. They are constantly encouraging you to better and expand your musicianship, as a result providing a very well rounded education. With their expertise and guidance I was able to graduate knowing that I possessed the knowledge and skills to succeed."

Evan Williams is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Chris "Deciding whether or not to major in the arts can be quite a dilemma. Is it practical? Will it get me a job? What if I'm not good enough? But the Music Department at Franklin Pierce will help you put those questions to rest, point you in the right direction, and give you the agency you need to make it happen. In my time at FPU, I found the faculty to be dedicated to the development of each student on a personal level. A small, tightly-knit department offers students the kind of one-on-one attention you simply can't find in a larger school. I was able to tailor my curriculum around my primary interest, composition, and thanks in part to the support of my professors, I am now a graduate composer at Carnegie Mellon University. Music doesn't exist in a vacuum, and the interdisciplinarity of the performing and liberal arts at Franklin Pierce creates a culture and range of experiences that are invaluable to any education. I learned something about writing music in the Department, but I also learned how to write about music, and to understand a little more about the role music plays in each of our lives."

John Desilets is currently a Live Service Manager at Riot Games. Chris Franklin Pierce not only prompted me to follow my passion in life, it gave me all the tools necessary to succeed while doing so. Other than the coursework, which fueled my love of music more every day, it was really the little things the teachers did that prepared me most for life after college.
  All the teachers were available for a great deal of 1 on 1 time outside of class, which provided me an opportunity to dig deep into material I didn’t really understand during class. They taught me that not grasping something initially is not an excuse to stop trying.
  They also treated every student with a great deal of respect. Even when being admonished, it always felt like a peer talking to another peer, as opposed to an authority figure talking down to student. This was the first time I had ever experienced this in a school setting, and it was eye opening for me. I practice this concept every day when communicating with my direct reports at work.
  Finally, until Franklin Pierce I had never been surrounded by a group of people who loved what they did so much. Whether it be David refusing to stop conducting (even when his rotator cuff was destroyed), Paul loving Music History so much he actually hosted a website in celebration of it, or Bob giving you stickers of famous composers when you master a piano piece – everyone loves what they do and when you walk through the door, you can’t help but love it too. The music department is what made me follow my dreams to California, and is the reason I was able to find my dream job in the video game industry.

Christopher Lawton is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University. Chris "The Music Department helped me find my passion, and allowed me to realize it to my full potential. All of the faculty members have worked together to give me a sense of musicianship, and my coursework has guided my exploration of music history, where my passion lies. The department has become a second home for me. I've taken classes I never expected to enjoy and loved them, and had a chance to study the things I'm most interested in on-on-one with faculty members.
In four years, Ive been given amazing opportunities, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I know I'll be prepared."

Adam "A. J." Kierstead is Multimedia Coordinator at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. Adam   "Whether it is playing saxophone in the Jazz Ensemble, creating electronic music in computer music classes, or taking traditional music theory classes, the Franklin Pierce music department has strengthened me in so many ways as a musician.  They have opened doors in this field that I could not have imagined before coming here, into not only traditional western music, but also modern electronic music which really struck a chord with me.
  The faculty are some of the most approachable, intelligent musicians I have ever met.  Whether it is a question of "does this chord progression work," to how you record a drum set in Pro Tools, they will work with you inside and outside of the classroom, putting the student first."

Angela Angela Barone - Franklin Pierce has given me all of the opportunities to enhance my knowledge about music, science, mass communication, math, and other liberal arts classes. The music department has especially prepared me for the profession that I wish to pursue, audio engineering, for two main reasons. First, having a small department, I was able to receive one on one attention from my music professors when I needed the help. It also helped the professors to know how much I knew about the program so that they could challenge me to the fullest. The other reason why I enjoyed studying in the music department was because I was able to use the equipment, hands on, whenever I wanted. Through many projects during computer music classes I learned the same techniques in the Pro Tools software that professional recording engineers are using today. By knowing how to use this software and having the knowledge of working with recording equipment it will enhance my chances of finding a job within the post production fields of either television or music. I have learned a lot here at Franklin Pierce and I hope to use the knowledge that I have gained in the work force.

Justin's photo Justin Watson - Justin Watson is currently a Recording Engineer and Instructor of Recording Techniques at Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford, CT. He began there the same year he graduated.

"I came to Franklin Pierce somewhat undecided when it came to my major. I found the options overwhelming. Choosing Music Technology was absolutely the right choice for me. I quickly developed fantastic relationships with the faculty, many of which continue to this day. Working with the faculty and my peers taught me extremely valuable skills, both social and professional. After Pierce, I landed a position at a recording studio close to my home town. Much of what I learned about the fundamentals of recording and audio I use daily. I have had tremendous experiences working with a list of extremely talented musicians, producers and other engineers from all over the world. The department made exploring this world of Music Technology available to me, and it continues to expand on that today. I recommend the FP Music Technology track highly, and without reservation to anyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating field and I am happy to do so."