Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of students who want to achieve a limited specialty in a particular area of study. Certificate programs in Accounting and Human Services, have been designed to give a maximum amount of specialized training with a limited amount of time and course work. Four of the courses required for a certificate must be taken with Franklin Pierce University.


AC101 Principles of Accounting I
AC102 Principles of Accounting II*
AC213 Intermediate Accounting I*
AC214 Intermediate Accounting II*
AC314 Cost Accounting I*
AC354 Taxes (Individual)*

Human Services

PS322 Social Psychology*
PS340 Techniques of Counseling I*
SO101 Introduction to Sociology
SO103 Introduction to Social Work
SO220 The Family*

Three of the following must be completed:
MN321 Organizational Behavior*
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
PS211 Psychology of Aging*
SO205 Race and Ethnic Relations*
* Requires prerequisites


Our Paralegal Program is offered exclusively online. This program includes 10 courses and is completed in one year. Students take nine substantive paralegal courses and Microcomputer Applications. The program prepares qualified students to sit for the prestigious National Certification Exam, sponsored by the National Association for Legal Assistants.  Note: In order to be qualified for this examination, a Bachelor's degree is required.

The paralegal program culminates in a certificate and is open to anyone possessing a high school diploma, or its equivalent. All paralegal course credits are transferable to an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree at the University. Prospective students must interview with the Online Director to determine if any other classes are needed before beginning.

Admissions Procedure
1. Schedule an interview with the Online Director.
2. Submit an application (no fee) and transcripts to the Online Director.
3. Final approval will be made by the Online Director.

Paralegal Certificate Program
PL101 Introduction to Paralegal Studies
PL102 Legal Analysis, Research and Writing
PL103 Tort Law
PL104 Probate Law
PL105 Litigation
PL106 Real Estate Law
PL107 Corporate and Business Law
PL108 Family Law
PL109 Criminal Law
CIT101 Microcomputer Applications