Accepted Student Merit Scholarships

Merit-Based Tuition Assistance

Students who are applying for admission to Franklin Pierce University are encouraged to file for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at Franklin Pierce University's School Code is 002575. Please be sure to include this school code on your FAFSA so your results will be forwarded to us for evaluation. The FAFSA can be filed beginning October 1 of the year preceeding intended enrollment. Students should file for financial aid at the same time they apply for admission to the university.

Once the student is admitted to Franklin Pierce and FAFSA results are received by the Office of Student Financial Services, staff will review the data and tailor a financial aid package for the student, taking into consideration the student's eligibility for federal, state, and university sources of financial assistance.

Merit Scholarships

Franklin Pierce University is pleased to offer merit-based awards for incoming students that are admitted for the Fall semester. These merits are auotmatically applied at the discretion of the University. The awards are available for up to 4 years (8 academic semesters) and are offered at time of admission.
Presidential Scholarship:

$23,000 per year.

Provost Scholarship:

$22,000 per year.

Trustee Scholarship:

$21,000 per year.

Deans Scholarship:

$20,000 per year.

Success Grant:

$17,000 per year.

Incentive Grant:$4,000 to $15,000 per year.
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