Student Employment

Student Employment (Federal Work-Study) is awarded to many students who demonstrate financial need. As part of a financial aid package, a student may be awarded a specific dollar amount in Student Employment. This amount is the maximum that may be earned in the academic year. The average student employment award is $1,500 per year, which enables a student to work 10 hours each week that classes are in session.

Unlike scholarships, grants, and loans, which are credited directly to the student's account, student employment is not. Upon arriving on campus, a student with an award in Student Employment begins looking for a job by consulting the job bulletin board (in the Campus Center or in the Student Financial Services Office) and applying directly to the on-campus employer. Hourly wage is based on position and length of employment. Students are paid every two weeks by direct deposit into the student's checking account.

There are a limited number of jobs available on campus to students who have not been awarded Student Employment as part of a financial aid award. Preference in hiring, however, is given to students with Student Employment awards. Interested students should check with Student Financial Services staff for details. An award of student employment indicates eligibility to apply for a campus job, but is not in itself a guarantee of employment.

Helpful forms:
Direct Deposit

Helpful documents:
Student Employment Handbook
Supervisor SE Handbook
Job Description - Employer
Job Opening Request - Employer

For more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (603) 899-4180 or