Tuition and Fees - College at Rindge

Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Charges listed are in effect from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015. Did you know that 100 percent of Franklin Pierce University students at the College at Rindge received financial aid?

A Franklin Pierce education is more affordable than you may think. Learn more about financial aid.



Tuition $29,682  
Room - Standard Double $7,040  
Meals - Unlimited plus $150 $5,020  
Institutional Fee $2,000  
Technology Fee $100  
Total Full-Time Charge $43,842  
Contingent Deposit $100  
Grand Total $43,942  
EEP Extended Program Tuition 60% of base tuition  $17,809  
Summer 2014 Tuition Rate $345 per credit
Summer 2014 Tuition Rate - Online $345 per credit
Summer 2014 Fees (please see the summer catalog)    

Room Rates


Standard Single Room $8,172  
Standard Double $7,040  
Standard Triple $7,040  
Sawmill: Efficiency; and Quad $9,250  
Sawmill: 2-Bedroom $9,460  
Mountain View $9,460  
Northwoods $9,460  
Cheshire Hall $7,226  
Cheshire/Monadnock Halls - Single $9,870  
Lake View $9,460  
Granite Suites $8,966  
Summer 2014 Housing Rate $1,025 per session
Maymester 2014 Housing (see program information) $250 per week
MBA/MSITM/RMED Housing Sawmills (3 terms) $11,770  
MBA/MSITM/RMED Board (Rindge only) $6,600  
MBA/MSITM/RMED Institutional Fee (Rindge only) $900  
MEALS -Traditional and Special Housing


Unlimited & $150 dining points, 2 guest passes $5,020  
15 Meals per week plus $100 dining Points, 2 guest passes $4,560  
100 Meals plus $200 dining points $2,480  
5 Meals per week plus $200 dining points $1,200  
Extra Meals for plans with points can be purchased at 25 meals for $255

Financial Clearance
The Student Financial Services office reviews all student accounts for financial clearance. In order to be considered financially clear, a student must have a zero balance through either anticipated financial assistance (certified and in process if a student loan) or payment made in full. Balances on student accounts are due on July 1 for the Fall Semester and December 1 for the Spring Semester. Students who are not financially clear will be blocked from registration. Please see the Academic Catalog for complete information on Financial Clearance.
Acceptance Deposit
This deposit is required of all new and readmitted students at the time of their acceptance and is an indication of a student's intention to enroll the next semester. The deposit is credited against the semester charges.
Room Deposit
Continuing students wishing to participate in housing selection for the fall semester are required to make a housing deposit. This deposit is part of the Acceptance Deposit and will be credited to the student's anticipated semester charges.
Contingency Deposit
All student accounts are assessed a $100 contingency deposit for the fall semester. This required deposit will be used to cover all or a portion of any unpaid charges at the time the student leaves Franklin Pierce. Credit balances will be refunded at the time the student graduates. All students enrolled in undergraduate programs at the College at Rindge are subject to both the institutional and contingency fees.


 Additional Fees
Per Credit Hour
High School Per Hour
Senior Citizen Per Credit (Rindge & CGPS)
Alumni Per Credit
Audit Per Credit
Audit Per Cr HS
Audit Per Cr SR
Audit Per Cr Alum
ID Replacement
Graduation Fee
Late Add and Drop
Late Add and Drop - Doctoral
Transcript Fee
Overnight Transcript Ship
Multiple Transcript Copies at one time:
    First Two Copies (each)
    Next Five Copies (each)
    Remaining Copies (each)
Diploma Fee
Returned Check
ACH/Wire Returned Fee
Music Fee
Replace PO Key
Parking Fee
LEAP Per Credit
Application Fee- RINDGE UG
Study Abroad Fee
Pierce in Lyon - Program Fee
Sundance Festival - Course/Program Fee
Tropical Ecology - Course/Program Fee
China Business Course - Course/Prog. Fee
Maymester 2014:
    Scotland Program - Program Fee
    Spain Program - Program Fee
    Grenada Program - Program Fee
    NY City Program - Program Fee