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“If you could go back and do it all over again, would you be more active and try to make changes for the better? If so, what would those changes be?” - Shawn Kearney ‘15

 “I would have studied. I would have attended classes more often. I would have climbed our famous mountain. I would have eaten healthier and moved my butt so those extra 40 pounds didn't add on. I AM grateful for all these wonderful pals I met 30 years ago...and the friendships that continue to grow.” – Maddy Huppert ‘88

“Someone told me my freshmen year to take advantage of everything the campus had to offer. Participate in clubs, go on trips, volunteer, and join organizations. I was part of TV shows, the fire department, reality check, I tutored, I was part of Hillel, I worked at the bookstore, and so much more... And I wouldn't redo anything. I look back at franklin pierce and it provided me everything. I guess if I had not known that I would have regretted it. And by the way, study abroad. I went to Vienna. That was one of the best times of my life.” – Adam Saada ‘10

I'd do it all over again, except this time I'd never graduate, move on, or grow a day older!!”– Geoffrey Caldwell ‘04

“I would've stayed active as an alum to insure the 21 Club stayed open.” – Patty Gorine-Thebeau ‘80

“STAY!” -- Adrienne Wright

“Study abroad.” – Meghan Graf ‘11

“Drama club for sure. Always been in the back of my mind as something I wanted to do.” – Michelle Barbeau ’11 & ‘13

 “I would have studied abroad. The Walk or Vienna. That's the only regret.” – Greg Marcus Scott ‘07

“I was very active in student activities, did an internship coordinating the student clubs on campus, did a year with the on campus radio and the theatre as well. So I don't know that I would be more active in that respect. Having said that, I can tell you two things... #1. I work with high school student leaders all over the state, and I watch them grow and mature into responsible, caring adults because of their leadership experiences. It's helped them get into college and get scholarships as well. And #2... I hire people for entry level positions and have often hired recent college graduates - because of their leadership work either in clubs, sports, or extracurricular activities. As a supervisor/manager, I would much rather have a new hire that got C's and B's and was active in other things, than someone who got straight A's and did nothing of substance outside of their schoolwork. As for anything I would have done differently.... I would have gotten involved in more social activism on a wider scale outside of school.” – A'Lisa Tello’83

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Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Franklin Pierce Alumni Association established alumni awards to provide recognition for outstanding service to alumni and the University.

Nominations for Alumni Participation, Frank S. DiPietro Award,  Leader of Conscience, Outstanding Service and The Power of The Raven Award are accepted until April 30th and may be made by any member of the Franklin Pierce community.  Click here to visit the Distinguished Alumni page and nominate someone or send a letter of nomination to:

Nominating Committee 
Alumni Relations 
40 University Drive
Rindge, NH 03461

Alumni Profiles

Read about the exciting work that alumni from across the decades are doing in this new series of Alumni Profiles.  Check out the Mass Communication pages where alumni share their stories with current and prospective student.  Would you like to share your story?  Contact us at  to discuss the details.

Alumni Opportunities
The alumni association is please to offer these and many other opportunities for alumni.  See the alumni opportunities web page for details on all of our offerings.


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Display Your Diploma with Pride
What better way to demonstrate pride in your degree than purchasing an elegant diploma frame for display from On Campus Marketing. The partnership with OCM has provided many alumni the ability to hang their diploma in style. Check out the On Campus Marketing website for further details on ordering a frame or call Alumni Relations at 877-372-2586 for details.

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