Alumni and Reunion Weekend Committee

Return, Reconnect and Remember!

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011

So many people are involved in planning and promoting Alumni and Reunion Weekend.  The committee chair is Kyle Provost '05.  Art Fink '72, Scott Babitts '72, Katie Babitts, parent of a graduate, Kim Riley '83, Nikki Torday and Dominick Miciotta '91 all volunteer their time with the alumni board to serve on this committee. 

Representing the reunion classes are :

45 years ~ Class of 1966 Class Reps:  John Burke, Dave Groder

40 years ~ Class of 1971 Class Reps:  Carleen Albonizio Farrell, Sharon Bornstein Stein, Bud Elkind

35 years ~ Class of 1976 Class Reps:  NEEDED

30 years ~ Class of 1981 Class Rep:  Stephen Macrea

25 years ~ Class of 1986 Class Reps:  Dierdre Malley Milewski, Paula Kennedy

20 years ~ Class of 1991 Class Reps:  Dominick Miciotta, Pam Mapes Pellegrino, Adrienne Leibfried-Cirone

15 years ~ Class of 1996 Class Reps:  NEEDED

10 years ~ Class of 2001 Class Rep:  Kevin Shirvell

  5 years ~ Class of 2006 Class Rep:  Mike Herrmann


 *If you would like to work with the committee as your class representative, please contact the committee chair, Kyle Provost '05, at Or contact Alumni Relations, today!

Contact Alumni Relations: or call 877-372-2586 (toll free U.S. only) or 603- 899-1131(Country Code 011 for International Calls).

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