Commencement Participation Policy

In order to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony, all students:

  • must submit a completed Request to Graduate form (RTG) that has been approved by their academic advisor(s) to the Registrar by Dec. 1, and must have that RTG approved by the Registrar;
  • must not have participated in any previous Franklin Pierce University Commencement ceremony for this degree;
  • and must
         a) have already graduated at the previous June, September, January or March graduation date or,
              as a CGPS Undergraduate student, have completed all degree requirements by the end of CGPS
              Undergraduate Term IV; or
         b) be currently registered for and attending all necessary courses in either Rindge Spring, PF Spring,
              CGPS Undergrad Term V, or CGPS Grad Term III in order to graduate at the May or June
              graduation date; or
         c) have no more than two courses totaling eight or fewer credits remaining, as listed on the approved
              RTG, that will be completed in order for the student to graduate at the subsequent September
              graduation date.
  • Exceptions: Doctoral students in a program requiring a dissertation must meet requirement a), above. Undergraduate Education majors who have completed all curricular requirements other than student teaching, who will be student teaching during the subsequent Fall semester, are eligible to participate in the May ceremony. Students in the M.Ed. program who meet requirement c), above, who will be student teaching during that term may have two courses totaling 12 or fewer credits remaining.

Latin honors to be listed during the May Commencement ceremony for May graduates will continue to be determined by GPA earned at the end of Rindge Fall or CGPS Undergrad Term III. Participants planning to graduate in June or September will not have Latin honors listed at the Commencement Ceremony. Latin honors for all graduates will be finally determined by credits and GPA earned when the student completes all requirements, and will be recorded on the student’s diploma and final transcript.

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