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A Zero-Waste Campus is Possible: Presentation and Conversation with Alex Freid, founder of the Post-Landfill Action Network

Category: Events and Activities
Venue/Location: Spagnuolo Hall
Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

PLAN speaking events tell the story of waste and explain how we can build a world where landfills and incinerators are obsolete. Here’s what we’ll cover:

The problem with waste: The way we use and dispose of the Earth’s resources is fundamentally broken. We extract resources at ever-increasing rates to make consumer goods, which soon end up in landfills due to a lack of other solutions. But our planet’s resources are not infinite, and our trash can be toxic. We know that we need to change course. We share how it got this way, and the impact our waste has on our planet and its people.

Solving waste: There are a variety of technologies and techniques that put a world without waste within reach. Recycling efforts are underway all over the country to
recycle unusual items: carpets, mattress pads, textiles, electronic waste - even styrofoam. Furniture can be refurbished and reused, food and organic materials
can be composted, and items that were previously regarded as trash can be upcycled into new products. We can start today.

A student-led solution: Students can be the leaders in this transformation. By adjusting personal habits and helping universities correct their institutional practices, we can build sustainable schools that lead the way to a world without waste. We’ll talk about how PLAN is helping this happen.

About Alex Freid: 
Alex is the Founder and Director of PLAN and the co-founder of the UNH Trash 2 Treasure program. He has been organizing waste reduction efforts since high school and has won 13 awards and recognitions for his work, including the 2013 Brower Youth Award, the 2013 Samuel
Huntington Public Service Award and the 2012 Udall Environmental Leadership Award.

Additional information:

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