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ALANA Medicine Wheel Celebration

Category: Events and Activities
Venue/Location: Other
Date: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Joseph FireCrow, renowned, award winning Native American Flute Manjoins ALANA and the Franklin Pierce Community for a contemplativve and celebrative welcoming of Spring and our commmitment to diversity and justice. 

The event takes place at the Native American Medicine Wheel on the lawn down by the pond in front of the Manor. 

Joseph Fire Crow writes on his web site: 

"My musical journey began when I was young. Drums were a regular part of our lives. In the summer were the war dances, now called powwows. As kids, we would imitate the drummers on my mother’s galvanized washtub.

"The very first time I heard the flute, I was a young boy living on theNorthern CheyenneReservation located inSoutheastern Montana. Grover Wolfvoice was the flute man playing this wonderful music. The music was beautiful to my ears, yet it scared me. There was much poverty and depression at that time. The sound of the flute touched my heart, where there was much pain and uncertainty. Through all of the hardships of reservation life, the beauty and wonder of our homeland beckoned to me.”

-Joseph FireCrow

Joseph's most recent CD, has won BEST FLUTE RECORDING at the 2013 Native American Music Awards!. 

FireCrow’s collaborative effort with Jim Cockey led to the composition of “Parmly’s Dream,” from the CD Signature. This release won FireCrow the “Best Instrumental Recording” Award at the 7th Annual Native American Music Awards.

FireCrow is a major contributor to several European releases, including Shaman, Circles of Life and Medicine Power on the German label, Sattva. Most recently, FireCrow’s music was featured on Public Broadcasting Service’s The War that Made America film. FireCrow was also a guest artist on Peter Kater’s 2007 album, Faces of the Sun, which earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best New Age Music Album at the 50th Annual Awards.

FireCrow’s album, Cheyenne Nation, combined a soulful mixture of traditional flute and contemporary instrumentation to earn a GRAMMYTM nomination at the 43rd Annual Awards.

Ken Burns also chose some of FireCrow's music to be included on the soundtrack for his documentary "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.” 

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