The Pierce Annual Fund

The Pierce Annual Fund directly enhances the educational experience of every student on each of the five campuses by providing financial aid; books, magazines and online resources in the library; student leadership development programs; funds for visiting artists, speakers, and performers; Fitness Center equipment to promote healthy lifestyles; and career-oriented programs that provide students with an edge in the job market. Simply stated, a gift to The Pierce Fund provides educational opportunities that change lives! The Pierce Fund is the most direct way to financially support the mission of Franklin Pierce University. Every dollar donated to The Pierce Fund is used to provide educational opportunities for current students which tuition and fees alone are not able to provide.


Supporting The Pierce Annual Fund on a monthly basis is easy! You can make a gift in any amount you wish by:

  • Providing a credit card number so that a monthly debit can be made by Franklin Pierce, or
  • Making a monthly payroll deduction if you are a Franklin Pierce employee.   

For more information on how to establish either of these monthly deduction options,
please contact: Vicki Doyle, Director of Advancement Information Services, at
(603) 899-4307 or


The Pierce Fund Trustees & Friends Challenge. Trustees and friends of Franklin Pierce University have generously funded a Challenge Incentive Fund designed to motivate constituents of the institution to make their first gift to the University, or to increase their gift.

Alumni, parents, friends, and employees who have never made a gift to the University will be able to have their gifts matched dollar for dollar (until the full amount of the Challenge Fund is subscribed). So for example, a new donor making a gift of $100 will be able to claim a matching gift of $100 and then be recognized in the Annual Report of Gifts for making a gift at the $200 level. Better yet, a first-time donor making a gift of $500 will be able to claim a matching gift of $500 and then be recognized as a member of The President’s Council.

Or, if you donated $100 last year and increase your gift to $150 this year, the Challenge Incentive Fund will match the increased portion of your gift dollar for dollar (until the full amount of the Challenge Fund is subscribed); you will be able to claim a matching gift of $50 and then be recognized in the Annual Report of Gifts for making a gift at the $200 level.

Be sure to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to extend the impact of your personal philanthropy to the University!

Within The Pierce Fund, the University has also created options to allow donors to select specific elements from the broader array of educational enhancements that The Pierce Fund makes possible by focusing on one or more of the following options:

The Pierce Parents Fund. The Pierce Parents Fund allows parents of current and past students to also financially support the educational mission of the University. Like The Pierce Fund, The Pierce Parents Fund allows non-alumni parents to directly support the educational mission of the University and provide educational enhancements that enrich the lives of every Franklin Pierce student.

The Pierce Fund Scholarship.  Donors wishing to see their financial support go to providing financial assistance to current students may do so by selecting The Pierce Fund Scholarship designation. Gifts in any amount can be made to The Pierce Fund Scholarship. Every dollar designated for this fund goes directly into student financial aid. This allows the University to make it possible for students with the intellectual skills to succeed at Franklin Pierce, but, perhaps not necessarily the financial resources to attend a high-quality private university, be able to attend Franklin Pierce.

The Pierce Fund – Pierce Partner’s Scholarship.  Donors wishing to provide a more significant form of scholarship support may also elect to establish a Pierce Partners Scholarship within The Pierce Fund by making a gift of $2,500 or more. A Pierce Partner’s Scholarship allows the University to match a specific student with the gift from each donor. This provides Pierce Partner’s Scholarship supporters with an opportunity to see first-hand the impact their philanthropy is having in the life of a select Franklin Pierce University student. Each year that a donor elects to make a gift of $2,500 or more they will be paired with a student for which their gift is supporting.

The Pierce Fund – President’s Innovation Fund.  Donors who wish to directly support the President’s vision for moving the University forward may also elect to designate their gift for The President’s Innovation Fund. All donors electing to direct their financial support to this designation will receive personal correspondence from President James Birge thanking them for supporting priority University projects that advance the institution’s strategic plan, provide for innovation and growth in the institution's educational offerings.

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Thank you for considering giving a gift to the Pierce Annual Fund. Remember, Franklin Pierce is a non-profit organization and can qualify you for 503c tax deductions, if applicable to your tax situation. Please consult with the IRS 503c tax laws or your tax professional.