Giving Honor Roll

Thank You for Your Support

On behalf of Franklin Pierce University, thank you to the donors who made a gift to the University. It is due to the support of caring alumni, parents, and friends that Franklin Pierce is able to provide
our students the opportunity to live and learn in a diverse community that supports their
strength as good citizens and leaders in their chosen fields. 

Thank you for your continued generosity and most of all, thank you for strengthening the future of Franklin Pierce.

Names listed below that are bolded are Franklin Pierce Alumni 


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President's Leadership Giving Societies

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Loyalty Giving Societies

Franklin Pierce University gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their loyalty in financially supporting the University during the 2017 fiscal year.


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In Honor / In Memory

In Memory of Professor Robert Alvin

     Stan and Sharon (Bornstein) Stein

In Honor of Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Ahmad and Jennifer Boura

    Douglas Shankman

In Honor of Lloyd H. Astmann 

    Ahmad and Jennifer Boura

    Douglas Shankman

In Honor of Olivia Baker

    Morgan L. Baker

In Honor of Michelle A. Barbeau 

    Richard and Suzanne Barbeau 

    Susannah L. Batchelder

    Alexandra Chouramanis

    Stefanie A. Dilendick

    Shannon J. Flaherty

    Brianna O. Geagan

    Elizabeth N. Squire

    Brittany D. Wheeler

    Robert K. Young

In Memory of Jonathan P. Baron 

    Debbi Berit

    Kimberly Berit

In Honor of Susannah L. Batchelder

    Michelle A. Barbeau

    Michael and Julie Zahn

In Honor of Yvonne S. Boice

    David and Myra Adams Howard M. Amdur

    Lloyd and Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Jeanette T. Baldwin

    Karen Burke

    John and Shirley Bury

    Capitol Charter Consulting Group, LLC

    Patricia P. Carpenter

    Frank and Mary Csar

    Scott Devore

    The Elegant Way Foundation

    E. M. Lynn Foundation

    Dorothy Engels-Gulden

    Sandra Fagan

    George Giftos

    Richard and Georgianna Grabill

    Elizabeth K. Grace

    Louis and Maryann Haddad

    Arlene Herson

    Investments Limited

    Robert and Sharon Jamison

    Laser Exploration, Inc.

    Bonnie J. Maehlmann

    Michael Margolies

    Jan McArt

    Ron and Barbara McCormick

    Scott and M. Kathleen Meyer

    Jo Anne R. Moeller

    Peter and Mercedes Mottek

    Lisa G. Murray

    Russ and June Naples

    Neuberger Berman, LLC

    Richard and Nancy Olds

    Judith K. Oppel

    George and Andrea O’Rourke

    Marlene Ostroff

    Betsy Owen

    Joe and Jutta Panella

    George M. Parker

    Joseph and Catherine Patterson 

    Charlotte Pelton

    Janet L. Phillips

    Edward and Karen Pozner

    Gene and Bonnie Re

    Jackie Reeves

    Bob Reiss and Grace Shafir Reiss

    Sheila M. Rowley

    Brian D. Rusk

    Sara Scaldini

    James and Roxanne Scarlata

    Doris J. Shaffer

    Mark and Marilyn Swillinger 

    Peter and Toni Weintraub    

    James and Patricia Wood 

    Marilyn S. Wright

    Michael and Julie Zahn

    Catherine Zieman

In Honor of John T. Burke, Jr.

    Ahmad and Jennifer Boura

In Honor of The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr.

    Keith and Beverly Arnold

    James and Susan Baker III 

    Susannah L. Batchelder

    David and Anne Bates, Jr. 

    Jean Becker

    Richard Berube 

    Leslianne Braunstein

    Barry and Janice Brodil 

    Karen J. Brown

    President George H. W. and Mrs. Barbara Bush

    Neil and Maria Bush

    Richard and Lena Cain

    Janet Cellucci

    David and Mary Chatel

     Elizabeth Clancy

    Alison P. Clark

    William H. Coffman and Kathryn C. Kaufman

    Liz Coll

    William G. Costa

    Gregory M. Doody

    Vicki Doyle

    Marlin and Melinda Fitzwater

    Matthew and Linda Frank

    Arsene and Barbara Frappier

    Wayne and Ann Gagnon

    Donald and Linda Gambatesa

    Robert and Nancy Gilmore

    Kip and Tameron Gilts

    Thomas and Barbara Gottschalk

    Earl and Mary Lou Griggs

    Charles and Lorraine Hermann

    Kenneth Hibbard

    Arlin G. Honaker

    Connie J. Jeremiah 

    Bruce M. Kirsh 

    Lillian F. Livorsi

    Bill and Linda Marr

    David and Drema McAllister-Wilson

    Tracy A. Mendham 

    Janette Merideth 

    Kimberly (Cook) Neher 

    Brittany Newton

    Michelle L. Parrozzo

    Anne and Nathaniel Peirce

    James and Erlinda Poepsel

    Donald W. Pulsifer

    Vicky Rank

    The Reflections Foundation

    John and Rebecca Richardson, Jr.

    Brian and Denise Scully

    William and Patricia Todd

    Jeanne C. Tucker

    Robert and Kathleen (Foley) Van Dyke

    Herbert and Sally Wade

    Karan and Nancy Watson

    Paul and Carol Wessel

    Michael and Julie Zahn

In Honor of  Rev. Kathleene Card

    Gregory M. Doody

    Robert and Nancy Gilmore

    Vicky Rank

In Memory of William J. Cavadi

    Michael W. Pasquarelli, Jr.

In Memory of Robert H. Chatto 

    Robert and Victoria Haley

In Honor of the Class of 1971

    Susan (Ruickoldt) Andersen

    Stan and Sharon (Bornstein) Stein

In Honor of the Class of 1986 

    Dawn (Phinney) Kipperman

    Sara J. Moccio

    Stephen M. Woods

In Honor of the Class of 2011 

    Michelle A. Barbeau

    Brianna O. Geagan

    Robert K. Young

In Memory of Dean Clifford Coles

    Daniel L. Becker

    Nancy C. (Coles) Nye

    Diane (Najarian) Parvin

In Honor of Adrian F. Coley 

    Akmed Taylor-Kamara

In Memory of Jessica J. (Marulli) Criddle

    Daniel F. Sansevieri

In Memory of Professor Richard Desmond

    Kim Wardlow

In Honor of Kenneth M. Ervin

    Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry

In Memory of Richard E. Falconi

    Lloyd and Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Scott & Katie Babitts

    John Borino

    Lori Brightman

    Robert Couture

    Henry and Fredda Ellis

    Nancy and James Falconi

    Dan and Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell

    Arthur & Marcy (Pollock) Fink

    Friends of the Southborough Council on Aging

    Tori Harwood

    Leonard E. Belcher, Inc.

    Marlborough Savings Bank

    Lisa G. Murray

    Vicky Rank

    Robert and Kimberley (Lewis) Riley

    Pamela A. Sanderson

    Daniel F. Sansevieri 

    Brian and Tara (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger

    Carl and Barbara Strube

    Art and Tina Veves

    Peter Walker

    John and Sheila Wilson

    Michael and Julie Zahn

In Memory of Marabeth Farmer

    Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry

In Honor of Marlin Fitzwater

    Frank Blais

    William and Kristen Nevious 

In Honor of Gregory K. Fuchs

    Peter and Ricki Fuchs

In Memory of Kristen Fuchs

    Kevin J. Shirvell

In Memory of Jesus and Maria Raquel Garcia

    Maria R. Altobello

In Memory of Francis P. Gelsinon 

    Robert and Victoria Haley

In Honor of Lee N. Goldblatt 

    Eileen Goldblatt

In Memory of Claire M. Gould

    Dan and Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell

In Honor of President Emeritus George J. Hagerty

    William and Lynne Currier

In Honor of Jim Horton

    Sean D. Jowell

In Honor of Christopher D. Johnson

    Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry

In Memory of Daniel R. Kilty

    Frederic J. Levy

In Honor of Melissa L. King

    Gregory M. Doody

In Memory of Patricia (Brown) Kirsh

    Bill Beardslee

In Honor of Alex D. LaRochelle 

    James N. Willette

In Memory of Dennis J. Maliangos 

    James and Gail Hendsey 

    Maura and Colin Hendsey

In Honor of Jacqueline M. Metzger 

    Jeffrey and Elaine McDunnah

In Honor of Rosemary Nichols

    Megan Heaney

In Memory of Arthur M. Pappas

    Ahmad and Jennifer Boura

In Memory of the 14th President of the United States of America, Franklin Pierce

    John and Kathleen (Brown) Washington

In Honor of Adi Rejwan 

    Herzl and Eileen Rejwan

In Honor of Samuel J. Slotnick 

    Lewis and Jamie Slotnick

In Memory of Anthony J. Spagnuolo 

    Patricia A. Spagnuolo

In Memory of Anthony Stairs

    Allison Stairs

In Memory of Douglas J. Usseglio

    Samantha C. Bureau

    Kaycee D. Pereira

In Memory of Betty A. Vandersluis

    Jennifer Jacobus

In Memory of Robert L. Vaughn, Jr.

    Tony J. Jones

In Memory of Jane W. Venzke

    Christine E. Zerillo

In Memory of Robert J. Winner

    Carmine C. Giangreco

In Honor of William R. Wittenburg

    Charles D. Berry

    John T. Burke, Jr.

    David B. Groder

    Ronald M. Savarese

    Daniel T. Snell

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Gifts in Kind


Bay State Envelope

Mark Bergin

Best Western Sovereign Hotel

James E. Bingham

Tyler and Gina (Lanni) Bishop

Daniel Blair

John Borino

Boston Red Sox

The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr. and Rev. Kathleene Card

Doug and Chauntelle Carty

Michael Chatman

James and Catherine Clouse, Jr. 

Melissa A. Conway

Arthur and Marcy (Pollock) Fink

Follett Book Store

The Franklin Pierce Alumni Association

Kelly A. Gil

The Graphic Edge 

Gary A. Heald 

Amy Horton

Melinda M. Jette

Keene Country Club, Inc.

Kimball Farm

Brian R. Kunz

Lawrence and Judith (Raposa) Leach

Joseph A. Lehmann

Doug and Mary Ley

Nancy J. Lloyd

Bruce T. Marshall

Monadnock Humane Society

Mount Washington College

The Palace Theatre

Pat’s Peak

Pepsi Bottling Group

Mickey Robinson and Catherine Ladnier

Charles S. Sampson

Raymond G. Schank

Paul Scharfenberger

Steve Sherman and Julia Older

The Sprint Football Team

Bob and Jill St. Jean


The Track and Field Team 

Elsa Voelcker

Wal-Mart 2057

W.S. Badger Company, Inc.

The Women’s Ice Hockey Team 

Francie Yeager

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Matching Gifts

Ameriprise Financial

    Eric and Gerene (Selmer) Ellis

The Boeing Company

    Marlin and Melinda Fitzwater

    Ann M. Harrington

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

    Therese Ledwith Fay

Chubb & Son

    James C. Fitzsimmons

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

    Jane (Czachorowski) Perry

FM Global Foundation

    Paul and Mary Beth Sweet 

IBM International Foundation

    Gary L. Baker

Nationwide Foundation

    Harry and Linda Meyer

Neuberger Berman, LLC 

    Catherine Zieman

NV Energy Foundation 

    Scott and Mary Hausman

Pfizer Foundation

    Paul M. Read

Schneider Electric North America Foundation

    David P. Masse

Union Pacific Corporation

    The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr. and Rev. Kathleene Card

United Technologies

    William & Nancy Schneider

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By Class Year


Diane (Copeland) Albonizio

Charles D. Berry

Joseph A. Bouzan

J. Kevin Boylan

John T. Burke, Jr.

Nicholas E. Byrne

John Deal

John A. Desmond

Genevieve H. Desmond

Carmine C. Giangreco

David B. Groder

Muriel Finn O’Neil

Ronald M. Savarese

Elliot H. Wallin



Nicholas Albonizio

Sheila (Speeney) Bergeron

John H. Eason

Jordan Evans

Eric A. Larson

Harry F. McMahon

Daniel T. Snell

Stephen M. Weiner



William C. Bailey

Joseph E. Bruno

Susan H. (Staples) Calvet

James P. Calvet

Frederick A. Dietrich

Keith Glaccum

Harry D. Meyer

John Popp

Lonnie Zimmerman



Tony Abatino

Kenneth S. Abramczyk

Joseph C. Alessi

Gary R. Appleton

Helen M. (Ament) Astmann

Lloyd H. Astmann

Gary L. Baker

Frank J. Batchelor

John Borino

Fred J. Dioguardi

Henry G. Ellis

David M. Fernandez

Stuart Fried

Richard Green

John D. Hinton

James Hoag

Charlene (Linzer) Hulten

Virginia (Tiani) Kilduff

Clifford Lattin

Robert E. Lykles

Alfred N. Marulli, Jr.

David A. Osgood

Diane (Najarian) Parvin

Robert M. Patterson

G. William Pattison

John Plonski

Ellen (Ahern) Popp

Richard R. Quinn

William B. Raymond

Lynn (Schwenk) Russell

Steven J. Sabatino

Gabrielle (Osmun) Salter

Daniel F. Sansevieri

Raymond G. Schank

Eugene R. Schiavone

Mary Jane Sheldon-McKenzie

David H. Shooster

Peter R. Taylor 

Robert C. Thieme

Blaine E. Thompson

Marc P. Tieger

Leslie B. Weitzman



Daniel L. Becker

J. David Butner

Joseph J. Cafaro

J. RobertDell’Anno

Robert J. Fink

Scott T. Forbes 

Temple Grandin

Randolph H. Hendler

James M. Hendsey

Isaac Hughes

Harold M. Levy

Dennis J. Maliangos

Christopher M. Owen

J. Brian Russell

Robert S. Szklarz

Everett Vallorano

Joseph J. Wzorek



Susan (Ruickoldt) Andersen

William A. Beckerman

Annette L. (Hurwitz) Blumenthal

John W. Boyle

Deborah A. Carney

Stephen D. Coe

Bruce S. Crockett

Philip J. Curry

Brant A. Elkind

Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell

Eric B. Glesmann

Mark D. Goodman

Carole (Langer) Greenfield

Efsavia (Kremidas) Huber

Walter H. Jackson

Reid C. Jeffery, Sr.

Martin P. Kane

Bruce M. Kirsh

Luis J. Klein Unger

Marie (Dzwil) Lisewski

Vincent R. Lucrezi

Betty (Ceteur) Markiewicz

Donald J. Musto, Jr.

Charles I. Nielson

Michael W. Pasquarelli, Jr.

Jane C. (Czachorowski) Perry

Russ Perry

Richard L. Rettig

Judd M. Riedinger

William Rodgers

Harold Savodnik

Stephen H. Segal

Allan M. Stegeman

Sharon Lyn (Bornstein) Stein

Maryanne (Ryder) Vallorano

Gary M. Webber

John C. Weber, Jr. 

John A. Yeamen 

Joseph A. Zampino, Jr.



Joseph Paul Cavazzoni

Sharyn (Tanzer) Dasaro

Steven Dasaro

Teri (Shindelman) Delofsky

David H. Dodge

John M. Dodge

Daniel Doll

Cathleen (Loconti) Duerig

Mildred (Kafka) Egan

James W. Egan

Arthur W. Fink

Mary C. Forrest

Jennifer (Merkouris) Horechny

Martin Horechny

Marlene A. Jaffie

Scott D. Lauermann

Neil E. Newton

James M. Riley, Jr.

Robert Van Dyke

Kenneth J. Wandzy

Kurt T. Winkler



Scott Babitts

Jonathan R. Burke

Laura (Henry) Cavallo

Andrew M. Cohen

John J. Cronin III

William H. Duerig

Marcy (Pollock) Fink

Louis A. Harris

Paul A. LeProhon

Douglas Shankman

Richard I. Sirota

Karen A. Wassil-Mackey

Arlene (Moskowitz) Wzorek



Anthony R. Albanese

Daniel J. Aranow

Jeffrey R. Bolza

William H. Bucknall

Elizabeth C. Hardy

Frederic J. Levy

Peter C. Loden

Kathleen (Foley) Van Dyke

Harte J. Whittle



Lawrence M. Abramson

Marietta (Albonizio) Stone Anastas

Nanci D. Bell

Neal Clay

Charles M. Coran

Henry W. Cox II

Philip G. Crystal

David Cunningham, Jr. 

Richard F. Haskell

William C. Holroyd

Steven R. Just

Stephen M. Kulbaba

James F. McDonald III

Steven K. Muller

David R. Silverstein

Matthew  P. Stepanski

Deborah P. (Phillips) Whittle



Frederick C. Berger

Richard P. Betzendahl

Clarence S. Brown, Jr.

Terry L. Chouinard

Lynda M. Dembek

Martin H. Eisenberg

Richard Genovese

Helene (Greenewald) Just

Patricia (Halsey) Wellen



Michael L. Barr

Kevin R. Bauer

Caryn (Margulis) Coran

Karen (Fletcher) Galletly

Richard J. Husband

Glenn J. Kaufman

Stephen H. Merrill

Cynthia (Conover) Potterton

Pearl (Behrends) Seery

Roni L. (Lowenthal) Stein

Robert C. Tobin

Peter W. Weber

Barbara L. West 

David T. Wilson



Philip J. Condon

Gregory F. DeYoe

David W. Dingman

James E. Fitz-Simon, Sr.

John T. Franke

George Hansen

Debbie A. Holman

Susan (Sterner) Howe

Marlee (Transue) Lacoste

Kenneth C. Lacoste

Anne (Spencer) Mattheisen

Stephen C. Moore

Karen E. Mortensen

Thuy Thu (Bui) Nguyen

Phuong Van Nguyen

Eleanor (Verner) Sparling

Charles W. Steele 

Stephen J. Sugar, Jr.

Royce L. Vehslage

Gregg Woolston



Eleanor (Raposa) Byrne

Michael Chatman

Cynthia (Danboise) Franke

Stephen Howe

Robert H. Kuhsel

Judson S. Lee

David W. McGraw

Barbara M. Silva

Willard H. Whitcomb



Dennis J. Callahan

Elizabeth (Piper) Conrad

Richard J. Conrad

Brenton E. Creelman

Alexander P. Felson

Amy I. Gardner-Hadachek

Michael A. Gladle

Allen M. Johnson

Eric S. Marcus

Caryn A. (Robotti) Marshall

John L. Moody

Kerry D. Stein



Elaine M. Begley

James F. Clouse, Jr.

Rebecca L. (Jorn) Decker

Karen “Aruba” Harms

Gary J. Kroeber

Bruce C. Laine

Matthew C. Lemieux

Stephen B. MacCrea

Edward A. Mastriano

Robert F. Miller

Robert J. Nosenchuk

Nannette (Gentile) Oberhelman

Nancy (Correll) Pataky

Edmond L. Pereira

Clinton W. Pierce

Roberta (Coolidge) Platz

Donald Pyke

Jane (Carabello) Richter

Cory S. Richter

Cynthia T. (Murray) Schutzman

Andrew G. Schwartz

Jeffrey K. Smith

Claudia L. (Cole) Tufo

Kevin J. Yager



Ali Reza Bagheri

Patricia A. Beyland

Nancy C. Coles-Nye

Joseph M. Delancy

John M. DePledge

Ralph E. Heald

Timothy M. Keating

Michael Kicinski

Judith (Raposa) Leach

Lawrence Leach

Therese Ledwith Fay

Alison M. Moore

Mary P. Parker

Matthew S. Reiss

Robert F. Riley

Rachel (Rauch) Schwartz



Catherine R. Baratta

Michael B. Black

David G. Caron

James Conklin

Thomas V. Farrell

Kimberly A. (Muller) Farrington

Douglas R. Jaureguy

Regina Marie (Matos) Katz

Marie L. Knowlton

David J. Kronoff

Susan LaFrance

David P. Masse

Kim M. Mooney

Kimberley (Lewis) Riley

David A. Schutzman

Randall F. Shaw

Jeffrey W. Titus

John F. Washington, Jr.

Elizabeth D. Zinn



Laurie A. Bienefeld

Lawrence S. Cooper

Karen (Gregory) Coyle

Phillip A. Croteau

Ann M. Harrington

Janet D. (DiDio) Licciardi

Debra (Ormezzano) Paskowski

William S. Paskowski

Virginia E. (Heyl) Pettit

Kathleen A. (Brown) Washington

Janice F. (Paranto) Wilson



Andre D. Adams


Denise Christodoulopoulos

Kevin J. Coyle

Frederick C. Forsgard II

Steven C. Hayes

Tony J. Jones

Sean D. Jowell

William H. Karkheck

Paul J. LaBarge

Jean T. Proulx

Thomas M. Roque

Brenda (Doherty) Sansom

Karen (Rose) Savageau

Nancy J. (Atkins) Wray

Alan I. Zilinsky



Pamela S. (Slingerland) Bradstreet

Dawn Brennan

Kenneth Butler

Melissa (Szeliga) Campbell

Gene R. Davidson

James J. DiMarino

Diana L. (Holmgren) Horsman

Marcus K. Hudson

Jennifer Jacobus

Paula J. Kennedy

Thomas B. King-McMahon

Dawn (Phinney) Kipperman

Deirdre M. (Malley) Milewski

Carlton P. Miner

Sara J. Moccio

Dolores R. Moran-Colby

Timothy G. Nawn

Keith J. Orzechowski

Karen E. Parker

Jayne (Formalarie) Roque

Anthony T. Savageau 

Scott E. Schachter

Joseph T. Spendley

Stephen M. Woods

Thomas E. Zaluki

Kristine C. Zavorotny



Monroe A. Brand, Jr. 

Daniel T. Campbell

Daniel B. Clark

Richard J. Dastous

William C. Davis

James C. Fitzsimmons

Charles Hand

Michelle M. (St. Jean) Lawson 

Wanda Lukehart

Joseph T. Scungio, Jr.

Philip C. Unger



Nancy R. Adams Lentz

Scott A. Addison

Labon T. Bumphus

John A. Downing

John C. Guregian

Bruce D. Harrington

Philip Krajewski

Nan McCarthy

Sandra McIntire

Amy (Brigham) Melvin

Michael Melvin

Sandra D.W. (Wohr) Messina

Alphonso Promutico



Salvatore J. Baratta

Daniel G. Beaulieu

Tracey R. Bergstrand

Carl E. Brassell

William S. Dow

Vincent J. Flynn, Jr.

Zachary J. Gianaris

John F. Gordon

Gary A. Heald

James J. Kelley

Gary J. Lochhead

William G. Naser

Kimberly (Cook) Neher

Joseph C. Obidiegwu

David G. Salvas

William J. Warren

Melissa (Petrocelli) Weinbaum

Michael J. Weinbaum



Lisa M. (Tringo) Arena

Beth (Bannister) Bailey

Scott W. Beausoleil

Danielle M. Caputo

Kimberly A. (Morris) Derby

Kristine (Lee) Dow

Raymond L. Eaton

Anmarie (Linskey) Gaalaas

Stephanie L. (Duers) Harrington

Claudia Jacobs

Lee Ann (Scyoc) Jenner

Michael T. Lamoretti

Nancy S. (Freedman) Manning

Judith (Schlosser) Meghnagi

Alex G. Randow

Heidi (Grayson) Rochow

Kenneth Smith

Gayle (Hamilton) Tirpok

Amy E. (Fales) Walsh

Deloris A. (Short) White

Michael F. Zurcher




Ford Beattie

Rachel D. (Tucker) Boudrow

Marc W. Bragin

Edmund E. Correa

Debra L. (Bergeron) Dill

Daniel C. Dunn

Miles L. Eason

William R. Elliott

Charles J. Fertitta

Franklin O. Goforth

Abby S. Gordon-Tolan

Paul G. Jenner, Jr.

Jill (Petrocelli) Lamoretti

Adrienne M. Leibfried-Cirone

Adam S. Lewis

Robin M. (Beaumont) L’Homme 

Bethany L. (Webber) Lyons 

Sandra (Ouellette) MacMillan

John F. MacMillan

Dominick T. Miciotta, Jr. 

Ericka K. Monteiro

Ronald J. Pervere

Patricia Riley

William S. Rothseid

Stephen J. Schwartz

Karen (Kreusch) Zurcher



Lorrie A. Berger

David G. Carr

Nancy H. (Champney) Coleman

Gregory M. Doody

Kathleen L. Howell

James F. Kulacz

Michelle D. (Lackey) Maselli

Amy L. Paradee-Jewell

Sheila D. Pierson-Roy

Christopher N. Schmidt

Jonathan L. Slavin

Ellen (Mayo) Smith

Nancy I. Tyning

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