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Date: Fri 01/8/10 3:32PM
From: Elizabeth Martini
Email: martinie@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Congratulations and best wishes!

Date: Fri 03/5/10 3:38PM
From: Shirley English-Whitman
Email: englishs@franklinpierce.edu

Message: My best to you and your family on this wonderful occasion.

Date: Fri 03/5/10 3:47PM
From: Kim Knox
Email: knoxk@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Best Wishes for a Wonderful Inauguration Week!

Date: Fri 03/5/10 3:54PM
From: Vicky Rank
Email: theranks@mcttelecom.com

Message: Welcome Jaimie, Lisa, Maggie, Siobhan and Caitlin! I am so glad that you all have joined the Franklin Pierce Community. May you enjoy many happy years here with us.

Date: Sun 03/7/10 8:08PM
From: Mary Farrell
Email: farrellmm@franklinpierce.edu

Message: I congratulate you on the auspicious occasion of your upcoming inauguration as the fourth President of Franklin Pierce. This achievement is in recognition of our appreciation and belief in your leadership.

My best to you and your family as we approach this week of academic and ceremonial events that allows Franklin Pierce University to shine!

Date: Wed 03/10/10 3:04PM
From: Maria R. Garcia
Email: garciam@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Congratulations Dr. Birge! Here’s to many good things to come.

Date: Sun 03/14/10 9:53PM
From: Owen Houghton
Email: nohoughton@myfairpoint.net

Message: Franklin Pierce is so forunate to have you and your family join ours! I am personally delighted that we share a background in student development and applaud your recent membership in the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club, which meets on the campus. You model Rotary's mission of community service as you lead the campus in your theme for the Inauguration of learning and service. I intend to forgo my usual Saturday AM trip to the dump to attend and cheer you on. Owen

Date: Tue 03/16/10 8:38AM
From: Kristen Nevious
Email: neviousk@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Congratulations, Dr. Birge, to you and your family. We are indeed fortunate that you have undertaken the task of leading Franklin Pierce University into the future. I look forward to working with you to realize your vision for the Fitzwater Center and the Institution.

Date: Tue 03/16/10 2:06PM
From: Tom Bastiaanse
Email: bastiaanset@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Congratulations Dr. Birge, here's to a great future at Franklin Pierce!

Date: Wed 03/17/10 1:34PM
From: Alexis Auffray
Email: auffraya@franklinpierce.edu

Message: Dear President Birge,

Congratulations on becoming President of Franklin Pierce. It is such an amazing accomplishment and you should be very proud. I wish I was not a senior so I could be here while you continue being President. On a personal note, thank you so much for the support for the Women's Basketball Team...See you in Missouri!!


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