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Date: Fri 06/27/14 6:05PM
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Message: The Trek connection never feels stronger than in the film’s final scene, in which Aubrey and Maturin exchange a couple of quips about flightless birds before beginning a violin/cello duet that will play us out to the end credits.
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Date: Thu 06/26/14 4:48PM
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Message: Having recently purchased it on Blu-Ray and rewatched it for the first time in a long while, I’m beginning to suspect that it’s my favorite Star Trek movie, despite not actually being one.
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Date: Thu 06/26/14 1:00AM
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Message: When they argue over Aubrey’s battle plans or disciplinary methods, it’s not a question of the characters changing each other – it’s more a series of philosophical discussions for our benefit.
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Date: Tue 06/24/14 5:39PM
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Message: "He wasn't really with the family," he says. "I really didn't know him. I saw him sometimes, but I didn't really know him.". As soon as the bumps were found on Oakley, Dr. Daniel Murray DVM performed what is known as a fine needle aspirate, which involves placing a small needle into the ma** and extracting cells.
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Date: Tue 06/24/14 7:14AM
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Message: Nine? Multiple attempts? schedule? Just who is this Randy Bernard guy and what the hell is he doing restructuring not just tweaking one of the high holidays of racing? But late that afternoon, I was converted. Excitement was back on Pole Day.
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Date: Sat 06/21/14 11:36AM
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Message: Robbins was reminded that his power forward had been all business all the time when Oakley sent 5'3" Muggsy Bogues hurtling to the floor in an NBA game. "I asked him if he thought he might have hit Muggsy a little harder than necessary, considering his size,"
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Date: Sat 06/21/14 9:44AM
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Message: The chemotherapy can range from a simple course of steroids to true cancer chemotherapy agents such as Vincristine and related medications. Many veterinarians are not equipped to handle these toxic chemotherapeutic agents and will likely refer you to a veterinary oncologist..
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Date: Sat 06/21/14 1:50AM
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Message: There are bullets holes in the ceiling of the bar. In the old days, the owner had put in a three-inch ceiling to keep the bullets from killing the people up in the hotel rooms. John believes the bullets are lodged up in the ceiling and that the bullets could be where the paranormal activity are coming from.
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Date: Fri 06/20/14 5:32PM
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Message: So Oakleigh should say oak-lay. There are 7 layers of laminates which filter all bad light out, and give perfectly clear vision. All other sungla**es have fewer layers of laminates, but still will give good quality.
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Date: Thu 06/19/14 8:37PM
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Message: Baden continued: "Oakley Cipher is yet another iconic, game-changing design from a company that has spent decades exceeding the limits of performance, possibility and reason. Inspired by the world's greatest athletes, Oakley earned its authenticity by defying conventional ideas of what is possible.
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