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Date: Tue 06/17/14 3:28PM
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Date: Mon 06/16/14 7:15PM
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Message: I was introduced to Bob Watters and Dieter Zimmerman of the musical act "Drunk Sailor," who are also key cast members at the festival on St. Patrick's Day 2011. Currently, we can't remember the actor's name, but he played Matthew's dad.
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Date: Mon 06/16/14 3:03AM
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Message: He's young and inexperienced, but he a**erts himself like a veteran. One night early this year Washington Bullets forward Juwan Howard matched forearm shivers with Phoenix Suns star Charles Barkley on three successive trips downcourt-then dunked on Barkley's head and screamed.
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Date: Thu 06/12/14 11:21PM
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Date: Thu 06/12/14 7:16PM
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Message: For the 1996 season, Don Nelson replaced Riley as the Knicks' coach, and inserted Mason into the starting lineup at small forward. Nelson also used Mason as a point forward, utilizing Mason's above-average ballhandling skills.Try to find the missing part as soon as possible.
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Date: Thu 06/12/14 12:13PM
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Message: When he was traded to Raptors from Detroit in 2001, as the story goes, JYD was so excited by the move that he immediately drove to Toronto. Even now, long past his playing days, he returns to the city regularly for public appearances and catch up with friends he made in his time here.
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Date: Thu 06/12/14 8:52AM
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Date: Wed 06/11/14 2:21PM
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Date: Mon 06/9/14 8:32AM
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Date: Sun 06/8/14 4:13PM
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Message: If you look to Hollywood, you'll likely see many celebrities wearing these sungla**es. The only girl who seems to know the words, according to Randy Jackson, was Holly Miller. Alex Delaney forgets her lyrics so badly, she seems to stare at her hand for a solid 10 seconds.
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