Franklin Pierce University Polling

2016 Presidential Election

First-in-the-Nation New Hampshire Primaries

The university's polling operation, founded in 1999, gained national prominence during the 2000 New Hampshire presidential primary when it chronicled Senator John McCain's rise and eventual double-digit victory in the Republican Primary. Since then, the Institute has conducted polls on state and national issues and political campaigns.

Consistent with the Franklin Pierce University Fitzwater Center's commitment to providing students with outstanding educational experiences in professional environments, student volunteers and interns have immersed themselves in the political polling process.

The University has partnered with veteran political analyst R. Kelly Myers and the Boston Herald to carry out a polling program that allows students to participate in survey design, data collection, analysis and media relations - all while working to create a statistically-valid product with solid news value.

Dr. Myers, who has conducted polling through five New Hampshire presidential primary seasons, is ready to go through this election cycle as a Senior Fellow in the Fitzwater Center. Dr. Myers will also teach a political polling course as part of the Franklin Pierce's First in the Nation #FITN collaboration.


Polling Reports:



  Polling Political FPU and Herald Trump picture [8/11/15] Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald Poll Shows Trump Leading Bush in New Hampshire
  Frank Cohen/Boston Herald profile picture  [3/31/15} Belief of inevitability could help Jeb, by Professor Frank Cohen, political science
  Sarah R./Boston Herald profile picture  [3/31/15} Fresh faces fare well among voters in N.H., by Political Science Senior, Sarah D. Rodriguez
  Franklin Pierce President Card with Provost Mooney and Boston Herald Editor and Publisher  [3/11/15} Franklin Pierce University and Boston Herald Strike Innovative Partnership





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Franklin Pierce and Boston Herald


[3/30/15] Herald Radio show
Rep. Poll results and student reactions

[3/31/15] Herald Radio show
Dem. Poll results and student reactions