Leadership Philosophy within the Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs embraces an inclusive model of leadership in an effort to enhance student learning and facilitate positive social change. The purpose is to cast the concept of leadership as an inclusive process by which change occurs for the betterment of others. In this model, leadership is viewed as a process rather than a position. The values of equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service are explicitly promoted.
“Inclusive Leadership” is based on a commitment to dignity, civility, equality, democracy and transformation of people.

It is the ability of a person to work with others and requires strengths and abilities not normally associated with the patriarchal version of leadership:

  • The capacity for nurturing others and bringing out their best talents,
  • The ability to mediate conflict,
  • The quality to both express empathy and compassion for others and to educate them about the importance of these feelings,
  • The talent for encouraging different viewpoints while upholding one’s own core values and principles.

At Franklin Pierce, leadership is part of the social process, something that happens between people. It occurs in every day settings, balancing involvement and personal aspirations. Students are encouraged to find experiences on the campus that will help develop their own leadership style.