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Click here during the event to view the live Webcast


Webcasts will stream only during live events. If you have not watched a Franklin Pierce Webcast on this site before, it is advised that you take the time to make sure your device can view the webcast correctly. Please see the Viewing & Troubleshooting Tips below.

Webcast viewing & troubleshooting tips  PDF 

Mac OS X: please download and install
the following plugin for Quicktime:
Install Quicktime plugin

Note: Depending on your configuration, the download
and installation could take 15 minutes or more.

Windows: please download and install
the version of Windows Media for your
Operating System:
Install Window Meda Player

Note: You must use Windows Media for the webcast.

If the broadcast tries to open in your browser, try right-clicking the link above and select "Open in new window". The broadcast feed may take a few seconds to start displaying in your Windows Media Player once launched, be patient and wait for the buffer to load.