american  rescue plan awarding guidelines - october 2021


The American Rescue Plan authorizes Franklin Pierce University to award $1,989,860 to students enrolled in the following terms in the Fall 2021:

  • Fall 2021
  • UG Term 1 2021
  • Grad Term 1 2021
  • Teach Term 1 2021

The University must agree to the following as part of awarding funds via the American Rescue Plans:

  • Educating students relative to Professional Development for changes in financial circumstances
  • Emphasis on students with demonstrated financial need
  • Awarding all enrolled students---regardless of FAFSA status. This includes international students


  1.  All four Assistant Directors of SFS will host a zoom series called “Special Circumstances”
    1. This will be communicated to students to attend, relative to Professional Judgment
    2. Sessions will be held in November & December
    3. A communication that describes “What are special circumstances for financial aid” will be emailed to all students in all cohorts enrolled in Fall 2021
       Recipients of Federal Pell Grant Funds, as students with the highest demonstrated financial need, will be awarded American Rescue Plan dollars at the highest rate.

What is Special Circumstances:

Special Circumstances can occur in any family at any given time. We recognize that it’s not easy to talk about sensitive situations,  however we are here to help.


Award Qualifications and Amounts:

  1. Student must have been enrolled at Census in the aforementioned terms
  2. Students with a Federal Pell Grant will be awarded $1,762.00 each in a lump sum.
  3. Students without a Federal Pell Grant award will be awarded $975.00 regardless of demonstrated financial need
  4. Independent students who are in the Rindge Fall 2021 census and identified as orphaned or a ward of the court on their 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will receive an additional $216.00 above and beyond their qualified amount

Finalized Parameters:

  • All funds will be distributed prior to November 5, 2021; most students are set up for direct deposit with the University
  • Any checks that are issued will have 30 days to cash or will be redistributed to other eligible students with priority being Pell eligible students.
  • With the exception of the sum to be redistributed after 30 days for non-cashed checks, the University will not initiate a formalized appeal process outside of the Professional Judgement parameters