The Nunavut Project

Hamlet of Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut Territory represents roughly 2,000,000 square kilometers and is larger than any other Canadian province or territory, with about 38,000 inhabitants spread across 25 communities.  Given the sheer size, remoteness, and northern latitude of the territory, there are many challenges for new and developing businesses.  The Nunavut Project included two components – research and mentoring. The exploratory qualitative research component focused on understanding marketing communication strategies currently in place, and also how these strategies might be improved for Nunavut businesses. The second component focused on business mentoring for several young Inuit entrepreneurs, located at Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada.  Dr. Jason Little, Professor of Marketing at Franklin Pierce University worked on this project during a two year period, culminating into a magnificent visit during the summer of 2018.

To read more about The Nunavut Project, please view the Research Study and the Presentation below:

Photo Journal

Dr. Jason Little documented this project to Nunavut, Canada with the use of a photo journal. To the right, you can see many of the photos taken throughout the trip. 

To see more of Dr. Little's sabbatical trip and read his commentary, view The Nunavut Project Photo Journal.

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