Kimberly Somers

Assistant Professor

Kimberly Somers' Bio Photo


BS, General Biology, University of Arizona
DPT, Physical Therapy, Northern Arizona University

Phone: (623) 518-2386 ext 105

Courses Taught
  • PTH 528 Kinesiology
  • PTH 537 Musculoskeletal I - UE
  • PTH 538 Musculoskeletal II - LE
  • PTH 539 Musculoskeletal III - Spine
  • PTH 545 Therapeutic Exercise and Soft Tissue Interventions
  • PTH 518/519 Critical Inquiry
  • PTH 720/730 Evidence Based Practice
Research Interests & Expertise Areas
  • Orthopedic and Sports Interventions

Publications and Presentations

Kruchowsky K, Land T, McDonald B, Melcher C, Talley D.  The effects of multidirectional gastroc/soleus stretching with hip and knee drivers vs. static gastroc/soleus stretching on improving closed chain DF AROM: A randomized controlled trial.  

Orthopaedic Section Abstracts: Poster Presentations OPO121.  American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting. San Antonio, Texas February 2017.

Professional Memberships

  • APTA

Conferences Attended

  • CSM


  • Admissions Committee