Public History

A minor is offered in Public History.

The Public History Minor seeks to provide students with opportunities to enhance their intellectual and professional skills in the field of public history. The program stresses the importance of developing collaborative relationships between members of the academy and the general public. Through a diverse set of courses, activities and projects, students attain a familiarity with community-based research methods and professional standards, ethics and practices, and also gain valuable professional experience as public scholars.

In the field of public history, scholars and researchers apply historical knowledge and methods in diverse public and private settings outside academia. Public historians are involved in the process of developing stories about the past that are presented to the general public-for the benefit of the citizenry and in a public venue. The presentation of historical narratives in the public sphere can take many forms: radio, television and film; digital history projects, advertising and marketing; exhibits at museums and historical societies; state history programs, historic markers and heritage districts; history education programs for students; historical reenactments; mass market publications, historical consulting, legal research and federal history programs.

Minor Requirements: The Public History Minor requires 18 credits. There are four required courses and two public history electives. Students combining the History Major and the Public History Minor will need three additional public history courses in addition to their major course work because three of the major and minor courses will double count (fulfill requirements in both the major and the minor). Students who are pursuing the History Major must complete six courses for the minor.

Public History Courses (course descriptions can be found in the Academic Catalog)

HP211 Introduction to Public History (3 credits)
HP245 History and the World Wide Web (3 credits)
HP310 Oral History (3 credits)
HP320 Salem to Gettysburg: Exploring Local and National History (3 credits)
HP375 Topics in Public History (3 credits)
HP399, 499 Independent Study in Public History (3 credits)
HP495 Internship in Public History (3-6 credits)




Mary Kelly
Associate Professor of History
B.A., M.A., University College Galway
Ph.D., Syracuse University

Douglas Ley
Associate Professor of History
B.A., Gettysburg College
M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin