Summer Courses

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Summer Term 2 Classes

BA213 Business Law I

CIT140 Electronic Spreadsheets

CJ221 Corrections

CJ470 Senior Criminal Justice Seminar

EMSP303 Medical Operations & Personnel Management

EMSP306 Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine

EMSP403 EMS Integrated Seminar

ET101 Principles of Macroeconomics

FA183 History of Art

FM311 Managerial Finance

FM423 Investment Analysis

GLE103 Career Image, Planning & Management

GLE113 Integrated Science II

GLE120 First Year Composition II

GLE215 Rebirth to Revolution

HCA360 Healthcare Ethics, Policy & Law

HCA450 Leadership/Management in Healthcare

HU211 Death & Dying

HU220 The Genesis of the Human Being

IB364 International Business

MK335 Public Relations

MN201 Principles of Management

MN314 Human Resource Management

MN426 Government and Business

MT101 Contemporary Mathematics

NR200 Introduction to Holistic Health

NR300 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing

NR330 Clinical Decision Making

NR400 Health Policy & Role of Prof Nurse

NR445 Community Health Nursing: Individual & Family Client

NR446 Community Health Nursing: Groups/Population

PA209 Ethical Reasoning

PA250 World Religions

PS323 Seminar on Addiction

SO101 Introduction to Sociology

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