Harvey Scholar FAQ

Harvey Scholar Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Franklin Pierce University?

Students can apply to Franklin Pierce University using our online application http://www.franklinpierce.edu/academics/ugrad/apply.htm or by calling the Office of Admissions at 800-437-0048 to complete an application over the phone.

Aside from the application, what else do I need to send?

Students will need to email a copy of their college transcript (we will accept unofficial transcripts) to .

What if I can’t get my transcript?

Please contact the Franklin Pierce University Admissions Office at 800-437-0048 for assistance.

Is an interview required?

Yes, once we have received your application, we will contact you for a phone interview with an Admissions Counselor.

How will I be notified that I have been accepted?

You will receive a decision via email and phone.

Do I need to complete Health Forms?

Yes, students who enroll at Franklin Pierce University will be required to complete the attached Health Forms  https://franklinpierce.edu/admissions/accepted/Health-Services-forms.pdf.

When can I arrive?

Students can arrive immediately and start classes as soon as they arrive on campus.

What are my financial responsibilities?

Tuition, room and board, and students fees will be covered by the University for each student for the 2017 fall semester. Students will be responsible for costs associated with personal items, textbooks and transportation.

Will I be able to return to my original college?

Yes, the expectation is that you will return to your home college after completion of the fall semester at Franklin Pierce University

Are my credits transferable to my original college?

As an accredited 4 year institution of higher education, it is likely that your home institution will consider accepting the credits earned at Franklin Pierce University.

Do you have courses in my major?

Franklin Pierce University offers courses in 23 majors.  For a complete list of our majors and courses, please refer to our academic catalog http://www.franklinpierce.edu/academics/catalog/.

How many courses can I take?

Students can enroll in 4 to 5 courses (12-16 credits).

What should I bring?

Personal belongings for the semester. There are several shopping areas available to you to pick up any additional items you may need.

How will I get to campus?

Each student situation will be different. However, you can:

Can I participate in extracurricular activities?

Students can participate in any of our club or intramural sports and get involved in the 25 to 30 clubs and organizations we have on campus http://www.franklinpierce.edu/studentlife/todo/index.htm.


For additional questions, please do not hesitate to
contact the Admissions Office at (800) 437-0047.


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