The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States

Feb 13

The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States

Wednesday, February 13th, 05:00 PM
Rindge Campus

The History Club and the Political Science Department present 
“The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States”
by Aubrey Westfall, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College (Norton, MA)
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 5 p.m.
Location: Marcucella Hall 102

Based on her 2018 book, The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States (Cornell Unversity Press), Prof. Westfall will explain her theory and findings on the social and political effects of Muslim-American women wearing the headscarf (hijab) in the United States. 

For her published work, Prof. Westfall surveyed 2,000 Muslim women and interviewed 72 more in focus groups to understand how the head covering and other Islamic practices shape the political experience and sense of community of Muslim women in America.

Prof. Westfall states, “The American Muslim community is uniquely comprised of an extraordinary diversity of races, ethnicities, nationalities, and denominations, making it the most diverse religious group in the country. The head covering practices of Muslim women echo this diversity, reflecting varying degrees of religiosity and cultural affiliation. While head coverings are not heavily politicized in the US like it is in other contexts, it accentuates and engages Muslim identity in especially American ways.” 

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