President’s Report 2017 – 2020

Thank You for Your Support

On behalf of Franklin Pierce University, thank you to the donors who made a gift to the University. It is due to the support of caring alumni, parents, and friends that Franklin Pierce is able to provide
our students the opportunity to live and learn in a diverse community that supports their
strength as good citizens and leaders in their chosen fields. 

Thank you for your continued generosity and most of all, thank you for strengthening the future of Franklin Pierce.

Names listed below that are bolded are Franklin Pierce Alumni 


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President's Leadership Giving Societies

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Loyalty Giving Societies

Franklin Pierce University gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their loyalty in financially supporting the University during the 2017 fiscal year.


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In Honor / In Memory

In Honor of the Class of 1982

    Andrew G. Schwartz

    Rachel (Rauch) Schwartz

In Memory of Charles Alessi

    Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Lloyd H. Astmann

In Honor of Maria Altobello

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Hayley R. Arnold

    Ian and Pamela Arnold

In Honor of Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Jill (Astmann) Karol

    Robert Karol

In Honor of Lloyd H. Astmann

    Andrew H. Card

    Kathleene Card

    Jill (Astmann) Karol

    Robert Karol

In Memory of Lisa (Weidner) Aylward

    Christopher Jacobs

    Jeffrey K. Smith

In Honor of the 532 Campaign

    Ellen (Ahern) Popp

    John Popp

In Honor of The Honorable Andrew H. Card

    Marion C. Blakey

    Elizabeth DiPietro

    Kristopher Hansen and Donna Hansen-Barry

    Johnson Controls

    Nancy J. Lloyd

    Karl C. Rove

    H. James Towey

In Honor of Rev. Kathleene Card

    Elizabeth DiPietro

    Nancy J. Lloyd

In Memory of William J. Cavadi

    Michael W. Pasquarelli

In Honor of the CGPS Faculty

    Lynne Rosansky

In Memory of James F. Clouse, Sr.

    James F. Clouse, Jr.

In Memory of Dr. Clifford Coles

    Danny L. Becker

    Sheila (Speeney) Bergeron

    Denis Parvin

    Diane "Dinny" Parvin

In Memory of Dorothy M. Costick

    Margaret A. Costick

In Honor of Tristan K. Downing

    Renee` Taveniere

In Memory of Patricia L. Drogy

    Ronald Drogy

In Honor of James P. Earle

    Lynne Rosansky

In Memory of Richard E. Falconi

    Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group, Inc.

    Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell

    Stephen and Barbara Pelkey

    Jessie E. Veves

In Honor of Kenneth T. Ferreira

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Marlin Fitzwater

    George J. Hagerty

    Michael D. McCurry

In Honor of Luna Flor

    Richard Green

In Honor of the Franklin Pierce University Finance Department

    Milton E. Kah

    The Melik-Baschkopf Foundation

In Honor of Edward F. French

    Lynne Rosansky

In Memory of Jesus and Maria Raquel Garcia

    Maria R. Altobello

In Memory of Elizabeth L. George

    Janet (George) Fell

In Memory of Don A. Gladle

    Michael A. Gladle

In Honor of Zachary R. Hart

    Patrick and Erin Hart

    Joan Raycroft

    Felicia Stanizzi

    Jonathan Stanizzi

In Memory of Glenn S. Hayes

    Kristin Hayes-Leite

In Honor of Alexandra H. Jankousky

    Evelyn Jankousky

In Honor of Paul O. Jenkins

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Christopher D. Johnson

    Jennifer (Scott) Forry

In Memory of Daniel R. Kilty

    Frederic J. Levy

In Honor of Bruce M. Kirsh

    Nicholas and Pamela Bisaccia

    Rebecca (Phelps) Howard

    David P. Masse

In Memory of Patricia E. Kirsh

    David P. Masse

In Honor of Tonya LaBrosse

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Lawrence Leach

    Allen B. Haberberg

    Lynne Rosansky

In Memory of Bruce T. Marshall

    Jim and Susan Averill

    Daniel Blair

    The Honorable Andrew H. and Rev. Kathleene Card

    Carol H. McKinnon Revocable Trust

    Carpet Trends, Inc.

    Samuel and C. Shirley Davenport

    James and Sarah Donohue

    Gregory M. Doody

    Franklin Pierce Business Department

    Louis Garr, Jr.

    Patricia A. Gibb

    Stephen C. Hennessey

    David Marshall

    Doreen B. Marshall

    M. Cecily Marshall

    John M. McLean

    Tracy A. Mendham

    NetSource, Inc.

    Madeline Norton

    Nathaniel and Anne Peirce

    Elinor J. Pentland

    Georgia Pierpont

    Round II Timber, LLC

    Janice L. Smith

    Ann J. Sutherland

    Mark Thamm

    Carolyn Watson

In Honor of Kerry E. McKeever

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of President Kim Mooney

    Helen (Ament) Astmann

    Lloyd H. Astmann

    Kerry E. McKeever

    Nathaniel and Anne Peirce

    Lynne Rosansky

    Michael and Julie Zahn

In Memory of William B. Owen

    Catherine R. Owen Koning

    Tompkins Trust Company

In Honor of Nathaniel W. Peirce

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Peterborough Youth Lacrosse

    Terrence McNamara

In Memory of Walter Peterson

    Roni L. Stein

In Honor of Patricia (Shadek) Platten

    Marian Craig Leers Charitable Trust

    Warren H. Shadek

In Honor of Robert M. Platten

    Marian Craig Leers Charitable Trust

    Warren H. Shadek

In Honor of nature lover and fallen Peace Corps volunteer Craig Reib Pollock

    John and Amy Morse

In Honor of Bridgette Prentiss

    Eliot Lazar

In Honor of Sandra Quaye

    Milton E. Kahn

    Lynne Rosansky

    The Melik-Baschkopf Foundation

In Honor of Linda P. Quimby

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of the Class of 1997 Reunion

    Kevin J. Carpenter

In Honor of the Rindge Faculty

    Lynne Rosansky

In Honor of Matt Roes

    Robert Anzalone

In Memory of Anthony J. Spagnuolo

    Patricia A. Spagnuolo

In Honor of Nancy Stone

    Dominick T. Miciotta

In Honor of the Franklin Pierce Institutional Advancement Staff

    Patrick O'Mara

In Honor of Meaghan H. Williams

    Gayle Williams

In Memory of William R. Wittenberg

    American Legal Investigative Services

    John T. Burke, Jr.

In Honor of Alana A. Wyatt

    Linda Wyatt

In Honor of Zoey Yamamoto

    Brian and Jolinda Yamamoto

In Honor of Julie A. Zahn

    Kimberly (Cook) Neher 

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Gifts in Kind

2nd Wind Sporting Goods

Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group, Inc.

Scott and Katie Babitts

The Benjamin Prescott Inn

Gina (Lanni) Bishop

Tyler Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bishop

Boston Bruins


Karen J. Brown

Joanne Buck

Bulldog Design

Candia Woods Golf Links

The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr. and Rev. Kathleene Card

Cheshire Village Pizza

Courtyard Marriott Keene

John and Genevieve Desmond

Art and Marcy (Pollock) Fink

Ira Fleisher

Stanley B. Fry

Timothy Fulham

The Graphic Edge

Harbour Restaurant

Steve Jackson

Melinda M. Jette

Christopher D. Johnson

Kimball Farm

Koto Japanese Steakhouse

Judith (Raposa) Leach

Lawrence Leach

Bob Marsh

James F. McDonald III

Monadnock Beer Company, LLC

Oklahoma City Thunder

Palace Theatre

Dave and Diane Panopoulos

Pawtucket Red Sox

Steve and Barbara Pelkey

Pizza Pie

Donald Pyke

Rindge Pizza Haven, Inc.

Charles S. Sampson

Sam's Outdoor Outfitters

Sandwich Master

Cornelia Schwartz

Screenscope, Inc.

The Shattuck Golf Club

Steve Sherman and Julia Older


Sports Radio WEEI-FM

The Sports Source

Marietta (Albonizio) Stone Anastas

Tampa Bay Rays

The Toadstool Bookshop

The Uplands Inn

W. B. Mason Company, Inc.

Wal-Mart #2057

Fleur Weymouth

Dave Yerter

Carl Zachar


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Matching Gifts

Accenture Foundation, Inc.

   Anthony and Karen (Rose) Savageau

Ameriprise Financial , Inc.

   Eric and Gerene (Selmer) Ellis

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

   Therese (Ledwith) Fay

Chubb & Son

   James Fitzsimmons

Delta Airlines, Inc.

   Jed and Linda Brummer

Glaxo Smith Kline

   Elizabeth Valoret

IBM International Foundation

   Gary Baker

   Herzl Rejwan

   Judd Riedinger

Johnson Controls

   Matthew M. Frank

KPMG Foundation

   Anna Kot

Nationwide Foundation

   Harry and Linda Meyer

OMG Inc.

   Kenneth J. Hassin

Schneider Electric

   David Masse

United Technologies

   William F. Schneider

The Walt Disney Company

   Jason E. McCormack

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By Class Year


Steven Kalt



Charles D. Berry

J. Kevin Boylan

John T. Burke, Jr.

John A. Desmond

Genevieve H. Desmond

David B. Groder

Muriel F. O'Neil

Elliot H. Wallin



Sheila (Speeney) Bergeron

Joseph E. Bruno

Jordan Evans

Harry F. McMahon

Dan T. Snell



William C. Bailey

Mark D. Leo

Harry D. Meyer

John Popp



Anthony Abatino

Kenneth S. Abramczyk

Joseph C. Alessi

Gary R. Appleton

Helen M. (Ament) Astmann

Lloyd H. Astmann

Paul J. Baggott

Gary L. Baker

Frank J. Batchelor

Charles J. Bordin

John Borino

Thomas Bowman

Henry G. Ellis

Stuart Fried

Michael A. Goldman

Richard Green

Charlene (Linzer) Hulten

Virginia (Tiani) Kilduff

Clifford Lattin

Alfred N. Marulli, Jr.

Diane "Dinny" (Najarian) Parvin

Robert M. Patterson

John Plonski

Ellen (Ahern) Popp

William B. Raymond

Steven J. Sabatino

Daniel F. Sansevieri

Raymond G. Schank

David H. Shooster

Michael Stein

Robert C. Thieme

Blaine E. Thompson

Marc P. Tieger

Alden F. Whitehead



Danny L. Becker

J. David Butner

Joseph J. Cafaro

J. Robert Dell'Anno

Temple Grandin

Peter B. Josef

Harold M. Levy

Robert S. Szklarz

Joseph J. Wzorek




John W. Boyle

Deborah A. Carney

Stephen D. Coe

Bruce S. Crockett

Philip J. Curry

Brant A. Elkind

Carleen (Albonizio) Farrell

Mark D. Goodman

Efsavia (Kremidas) Huber

Bruce M. Kirsh

Betty (Ceteur) Markiewicz

Michael W. Pasquarelli, Jr.

Jane C. (Czachorowski) Perry

Judd M. Riedinger

Gerald W. Scott

Stephen H. Segal

Allan M. Stegeman

John A. Yeamen



Joseph Cavazzoni

Sharyn (Tanzer) Dasaro

Steven Dasaro

David H. Dodge

John M. Dodge

Mildred (Kafka) Egan

James W. Egan

Arthur W. Fink

Mary C. Forrest

Scott D. Lauermann

Neil E. Newton

Kenneth J. Wandzy



Scott Babitts

Laura (Henry) Cavallo

Andrew M. Cohen

John J. Cronin, III

Marcy (Pollock) Fink

Louis A. Harris

Douglas Shankman

Arlene (Moskowitz) Wzorek



Anthony R. Albanese

Elizabeth C. Hardy

Frederic J. Levy



Lawrence M. Abramson

Nanci D. Bell

Charles M. Coran

Henry W. Cox, II

Philip G. Crystal

Richard F. Haskell

William C. Holroyd, III

James F. McDonald, III

Steven K. Muller

Matthew P. Stepanski

Marietta R. (Albonizio) Stone Anastas



Frederick C. Berger

Richard P. Betzendahl

Martin H. Eisenberg

Patricia (Halsey) Wellen



Caryn (Margulis) Coran

William T. Heffernan

Richard J. Husband

Glenn J. Kaufman

Stephen H. Merrill

Roni L. (Lowenthal) Stein

Robert C. Tobin

Barbara L. West

David T. Wilson



Janet (Hong) Brown

Jeffrey R. Brown

Donald W. Comstock, Jr.

Philip J. Condon

Gregory F. DeYoe

David W. Dingman

George Hansen

James F. Hourihan

Stephen C. Moore

Karen E. Mortensen

Eleanor (Verner) Sparling

Royce L. Vehslage, Esq.

Gregg Woolston



Eleanor (Raposa) Byrne

Arthur J. Casey

Michael Chatman

Robert H. Kuhsel

Judson S. Lee

David W. McGraw

Amanda (Rosenberg) Monaco

Joseph A. Piccardi

Barbara M Silva



Dennis J. Callahan

Charles M. Callahan, III

Joseph A. Coderre

Brenton E. Creelman

Alexander P. Felson

Michael A. Gladle

Allen M. Johnson

Frank T. Sansom

Kerry D. Stein



James F. Clouse, Jr.

Glade E. Cook, Jr.

Rebecca L. (Jorn) Decker

Gary J. Kroeber

Matthew C. Lemieux

Stephen B. MacCrea

Robert F. Miller

Nannette (Gentile) Oberhelman

Clinton W. Pierce

Roberta (Coolidge) Platz

Donald Pyke

Andrew G. Schwartz

Jeffrey K. Smith



Ali R. Bagheri

Patricia A. Beyland

Joseph M. Delancy

John M. DePledge

Ralph E. Heald

Timothy M. Keating

Linda B. (Kenney) Kenney-Janosz

Judith (Raposa) Leach

Lawrence Leach

Therese (Ledwith) Ledwith Fay

Mary P. Parker

Robert F. Riley

Rachel (Rauch) Schwartz

Jayne M. Vogler

Keil White




Catherine R. Baratta

Michael B. Black

David G. Caron

Kelly (Angley) Dolloff

Thomas V. Farrell

Allen B. Haberberg

Douglas R. Jaureguy

Regina M. (Matos) Katz

David J. Kronoff

Susan LaFrance

David P. Masse

Kim Mooney

Kimberley (Lewis) Riley

Randall F. Shaw

John F. Washington, Jr.

Elizabeth D. Zinn



Jessie (Ballard) Albee

Laurie A. Bienefeld

Carlysle L. Bourne

Lawrence S. Cooper

Karen (Gregory) Coyle

Carolee (Randall) Dalton

Ann M. L'Estrange

Debra (Ormezzano) Paskowski

William S. Paskowski

Kirt D. Sampson

Stuart M. Shapiro

Judy A. Sharkey

Kathleen A. (Brown) Washington

Janice F (Paranto) Wilson



Charlene M. Allen

Denise Christodoulopoulos

Kevin J. Coyle

Douglas G. D'Angelo

Janet G. (George) Fell

Ira Fleisher

Frederick C. Forsgard, II

William H. Karkheck

Randell J. Kennedy

Paul J. LaBarge

Jean T. Proulx

Karen (Rose) Savageau



Pamela S. (Slingerland) Bradstreet

Dawn Brennan

Kristin (Lapane) Hayes-Leite

Diana L. (Holmgren) Horsman

Roger Rohde, Jr.

Anthony T. Savageau

Thomas E. Zaluki




Richard J. Dastous

James C. Fitzsimmons

Charles Hand

David N. Hilton, Jr.

Michelle M. (St. Jean) Lawson

Wanda Lukehart

Donna S. Mailhot



Nancy R. Adams Lentz

John C. Guregian

Bruce D. Harrington

Philip Krajewski

Nan McCarthy

Robert A. Verdun



Ami S. (Miesner) Anderson

Daniel G. Beaulieu

Tracey R. Bergstrand

Stephanie (Burns) Burns-Leary

Vincent J. Flynn, Jr.

Zachary J. Gianaris

John F. Gordon

Gary A. Heald

James J. Kelley

John J. Marocco

Timothy J. Morgan

William G. Naser

Kimberly (Cook) Neher

David G. Salvas

William J. Warren

Melissa (Petrocelli) Weinbaum

Michael J. Weinbaum

Stephen F. Young



Scott W. Beausoleil

Danielle M. Caputo

Dennis J. Deer

Anmarie (Linskey) Gaalaas

Kristen A. (Stryker) Hazleton

Claudia Jacobs

Kimberley A. (Calef) Klapes

Michael T. Lamoretti

Robert L. Palmer

Kenneth Smith

Amy E. (Fales) Walsh



Ford Beattie

Rachel D. (Tucker) Boudrow

Marc W. Bragin

Kevin A. Calhoun

Debra L. (Bergeron) Dill

Miles L. Eason

Franklin O. Goforth

Abby S. Gordon-Tolan

Jill (Petrocelli) Lamoretti

Adrienne M. Leibfried-Cirone

Adam S. Lewis

Robin M. (Beaumont) L'Homme

Marc Liphardt

Dominick T. Miciotta, Jr.

Patricia Riley

Christopher O Sonnie

Gerard S. Therrien



Lorrie A. Berger

Christopher S. Blethen

David G. Carr

Nancy H. (Champney) Coleman

Gregory M. Doody

Fraser G. Geiwitz

Kathleen L. Howell

Kim M. (Brouillette) Kendle

James F. Kulacz

Michelle D. (Lackey) Maselli

Jonathan L. Slavin

Ellen (Mayo) Smith



David J. Girouard

John R. Harper

Ernest R. Hudziec

Bonny J. John

Nina M. Nilsson

Joseph S. Siegel



Sharon L. (Galante) Burke

Danielle L. Decker

Roberta N. DeGrandis

Paul M. Goyette

Joanne G. (Gulliford) Hoban

Genevieve M. McGillicuddy

Andrew K. Morse

Paul J. Powers

Paul M. Read

Maurice A. Richard, Jr.

Brian J. Schulz

Zenovia T. Thompson

Albert C. Thompson, III



Rebecca J. (Phelps) Howard

Steve N. Jackson

Shawn M. Jones

Jill A. (Astmann) Karol

Jason E. McCormack

Jill R. Meister

Marian A. Mucci

Jules Tetreault

Linda J. Varnum



Andre T. Aho

Cassandra J. Beckwith

William R. Currier

Eva B. (Bergsten) Meredith



Kevin J. Carpenter

William R. Currier

Kristen R. Jaccodine

Jennifer D. Miller

Robert L. Palmer

Brenda K. Platt

Tara M. Wilkinson



Scott W. Beausoleil

Rich F. Berube

Danielle M. Caputo

Kara L. Hofsaes

Joanna J. (Peptis) Mayer

Sherry L. Mobley

Sarah E. Probst

Pamela A. Sanderson

Nicole A. Torday




Lynne E. Currier

Shari A. LaPierre

Paul J. Powers



Aaron B. Childs

Sebastian Flint

Robert R. Hobbs

Michael W. Hughes

Sarah M. (Ronayne) Molnoski

Stephanie K. (Peck) Sutterlin

Christopher J. Trolla

Greg D. Whitmore

Christine S. (Ayala) Witham

Brian E. Witham




Daniel P. Anderson

Peter V. DeMinico

Michael R. Gasper

Shana M. (Krasnow) Lafortune

Martin A. Michaud

Angela M. Polson

Kevin J. Shirvell

Heidi V. (Nichols) Thayer

Marjorie V. (Colburn) Whitmore



John A. Casamassima

Danielle M. (Rivard) Hilstro

Madonna J. McKenzie

Jack Mobley

Melissa M. (McConnell) Quinn

Victoria Rank

David S. Thayer



Alexandra (Farsun) Dembishack

Linnea M. Fraser

Tara S. (Demeyer) Smith



John T. Dembishack

Jennifer M. (Scott) Forry

Lynda M. Hunt

Shari A. LaPierre

Jennifer L. (Melnyk) Partyka

Derek R. Rodgerson

Tara K. (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger



Jason A. Boucher

Karen J. Brown

William G. Costa

Kathleen L. Howell

Amy L. Mitson

Kristen A. (Bartini) Naffah

Matthew J. Naffah

Victoria Rank

Derek M. Scalia

Devin M. Sheehan

Terrell L. Boston Smith

Craig M. Stewart



Douglas J. Carty

Michael M. Chambers

Patricia M. (Gillen) Curran

David S. Curran

Bryan A. Duplissie

Gerene L. (Selmer) Ellis

Eric M. Ellis

Kristen L. John

Kirt D. Sampson, II



Michael J. Feetham

Jennifer L. Ferreira

Cynthia L. Freda

Patrick R. Gaffney

LeRoy P. Graham

Collette M. Nadeau

Joshua C. Sigsworth

Stephanie D. (Kalivas) Sipala

Trent E. Spiner



Kerry A. Bergeron

Tyler T. Bishop

Nicole A. Kedaroe

Narra M. Martineau

Pamela A. Sanderson

Kenneth D. Wells



Jeffrey M. Babitts

Bryan A. Duplissie

Kristen L. John

Anna M. Kot

Erika M. McGowan

Diana A. Rudha

Kimberly C. Ruth




Tyler T. Bishop

Gina A. (Lanni) Bishop

Adam C. Saada

Joshua C. Sigsworth



Michelle A. Barbeau

Daniel Blair

Melissa B. Dymek

Edward F. French

Michael W. Frost

Elizabeth A. (Sheridan) Lewis

Garrett T. Olson

Misty D. Start

Meghan A. White




Grace B. Ames

Michael A. Andersen, II

Cody S. Butler

Brendan D. Cahill

Michael M. Chambers

Vicki Doyle

Kelly A. Driscoll

Mary E. Gowdy

Steven Jeune

Amanda F. (Panaro) Kauffman

Cody R. Kauffman

Laura E. Kotusky

John E. Mahon, III

George A. Mason

Peter J. Mason

James H. McInnis

Tracy A. Mendham

Brigida V. (Mason) Mosley

Joyce M. O'Reilly

Victoria Rank

Tom C. Reilly

Adam M. Roderiques

Merrill A. Vaughan

Joshua R. Wielgoszinski



James A. Angelini

Michelle A. Barbeau

Kathryn D. Bernier

Leo K. Greeley

Lindsey Leach

Jason E. McCormack



Bianca Acebron Peco

Karen J. Brown

Alex T. Connolly

Leigh M. Hickman

Amanda F. (Panaro) Kauffman

Cody R. Kauffman

Stephen C. Lavoie

Brittany Lew

Edward Madigan

Lauren B. Miller

Russell A. Quade

Kirt D. Sampson, II

Julianne E. Swiecicki

Cindy F. Wyman, RN




Timothy J. Armstrong

Jeremy R. Benjamin

Kathryn D. Bernier

Christine V. Boulanger

Julia E. Coakley

Harrison P. Csorny

Connor M. DeFemia

Bradley D. Dumais

Stephen C. Hennessey, Jr.

Rachel V. Kahaly

Erik Kelly

Ashley M. Lavoie

Chelsea Leach

Sarah E. LeNoir

Cody R. MacLellan

Courtney C. Madore

Scott W. Martin

Narra M. Martineau

Ann K. McColgan

Edward J. Noonan

Megan E. Raposa

Madeline P. Shopshire

Hilbert P. M. Stearns



Amanda L. Adams

Zoe P. Adkins

Brad S. Auclair

Joseph T. Beauregard

Kimberly Berit

Lauren M. Beville

James E. Bingham

Sarah Blackman

Jayne E. Boylan

Christopher F. Burg

Casey T. Burnett

Margaret A. Costick

Taylor J. Fletcher

Stephen M. Keimig

Courtney C. Madore

Shane M. Mallen

Melissa A. Morgan

Matthew J. O'Herron

Timothy Osterfield

Braelan K. O'Toole

Christopher W. Reardon

Helene G. Rogers

Deborah Smith

Malcolm L. Sutton

Alexander P. Ziko



Erin K. Baronas

Stefanie P. Boss

Nicholas A. Bowden

Joshua M. Castro

Nicole A. Chaet

Tyler M. Colavita

Taylor D. Cookson

Kayla A. Cunningham

Pamela L. Denomme

Nicholas R. Di Saia

Casey J. Diana

Stephan DiTullio

Madeleine Flannery

Katherine A. Flynn

Rachel M. Giannino

Cameron B. Gilbert

Matthew R. Gregoire

Adam M. Holmes

Anna Holtschlag

Denise L. Hunt

Devin P. Janelle

Andrew P. Jean

Edward A. Jordan

Colleen P. Leonardi

Michael J. Lovello

Scott W. Martin

Cassidy M Mello

Katie S. Moore

Shannon M. O'Neil

Matthew M. Perotti

Kayla N. Phipps

James A. Pierce

Nicole C Pigott

Naomi E. Reed

Leana M. Richards

Maria Danica F. Thoroughgood