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Scott Ansevin-Allen, Assistant Dean of Student Involvement and Community Service



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After a very busy summer of preparation, I speak for the entire Franklin Pierce University Community in saying that we are excited to have you on campus! Orientation is an amazing opportunity for you to connect with all parts of the university. Franklin Pierce is now your home. We have put together a comprehensive three-day experience intended to connect you with peers, provide important information, and help develop an understanding of the community. Please take this time to share, gain insight, and get involved as a member of the Class of 2023.

We look forward to working with you throughout your Franklin Pierce Experience!

What is Orientation?

Orientation and Transition into a new community is a process. At Franklin Pierce University that process begins with summer STEP Days prior to matriculation. It then continues with POWA (Pre-Orientation Wilderness Adventure) Program for those selecting to participate and Opening Weekend. Opening Weekend is a three day experience for all new students which includes Move-In Day, Academic Convocation, Orientation Sessions and Team Building events.

Student Involvement Staff with the assistance of student leaders and members of the campus community designs and facilitates the Fall and Winter Orientation Programs. Orientation is the University's opportunity to welcome new students, to help ease their transition and serves as a sounding board and support system for all new students. 

Each new student is assigned to a Peer Group which is supported throughout the 1st Semester by a volunteer Peer Leader. The objective is to educate and integrate new students in a non- threatening way into the academic and co-curricular life of the College at Rindge. 

The Peer Group corresponds directly with a new student’s Freshman Seminar Class, taught and advised by a member of the Faculty. Workshops, team building, speakers and social events are developed to promote active participation among new students.

After the Opening Weekend, new and continuing students are encouraged and provided opportunities to become involved with their campus community. For some students the process is quick and straight forward. For others it is a quest to balance…

Schedules for the 2019 Orientation

Fall 2019 Orientation Schedule


Fall 2019 Welcome Activities Schedule
Fall 2019 Commuter Orientation Schedule


Fall 2019 Returning Student Orientation Schedule
Fall 2019 Parent Orientation Schedule 

Advice from your Peer Leader Trainers

Ashley Hovan:
“Don’t ever think you’re just stuck doing the first thing you chose to do. If you want to join new clubs because you don’t like the ones you joined, then do it. If you don’t like your major... change it. College is the place to allow for a million changes. And while you make those changes, you meet lots of friends along the way that may be a part of your forever. Embrace the next four years and welcome home Class of 2023.”

Bekah Hazleton:
“Be yourself; take advantage of the opportunity you will have to create your own identity through your unique opinions, values, and ideas. The effort you put into your development will be directly proportional to the person that you are when you leave Franklin Pierce.”

Sean Munzing:
“Franklin Pierce is your home away from home, everything that has happened is in the past, and it’s your chance to explore new things, get better at the things you love and make relationships that will last a life time. You have the opportunity to write yourself a story, and pave a path into adulthood. Do what you love, and don’t think twice about it.”

Peer Leader TrainersErin Kelly:
“Welcome to FPU! You have now become one of the people that make this campus so special. Join a club, take a new class, and put yourself out there. You will make friends you will have for life and create memories that you will never forget. It all starts with you. The opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things is going to be available, do it. It will not always be easy but it’s worth it. Always remember to reflect and realize how truly lucky you are to be at such an amazing place. It’s your choice to make it the best 4 years of your life.” 

Ariel Dumont:
“Welcome home, class of 2023! I didn’t believe anyone when they said college would be the best four years of my life but they were right. Never be afraid to try something new, you’ll never know where it will take you! Get involved at events, meet new people, and most importantly, BE YOU!”


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