Outreach Education and Counseling Center

Student Affairs

The Center for Outreach Education & Counseling exists to help Franklin Pierce students make a healthy adjustment to college life and make wise choices in all areas of their residential and academic experience. The Center is located in the lower level of Granite Hall, sharing the entrance to Health Services. The office open during the fall and spring semesters when the University is in session.

The Director of Outreach Education & Counseling works with individual community members and established campus groups to:

  • Provide leadership within Student Affairs for student development programs and services.
  • Work closely with Residential Life, Student Involvement, and Campus Safety to provide for the needs of the Franklin Pierce community.
  • Utilize a variety of outreach and therapeutic methods to educate students (group sessions, residence hall workshops, classroom presentations, etc).
  • Develop and present sessions on a variety of student development topics, based on student and community needs.
  • Provide limited individual counseling and assistance to students.
  • Identify, initiate and maintain contact with local mental health providers.
  • Assist students to find suitable off-campus treatment providers.
  • Develop a series of passive educational campaigns intended to address community and individual student needs.
  • Create promotional material for the Outreach Education and Counseling Center.
  • Manage crisis situations while the University is in session.
  • Train other professional and paraprofessional staff, so that they may be prepared to deal with crisis situations as they arise.
  • Support the Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Offer a Creative Art Relaxation Group.


Outreach Education and Counseling Center(603) 899-4133

Office Hours

Mon - Fri:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Outreach Education and Counseling Staff
Nicole Newell, Director of Counseling and Outreach Education
(603) 899-4135