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Kathleen Dougherty
Kathleen Dougherty

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

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Hannah MonbleauHannah Monbleau
Assistant Director of
Student Conduct &
Community Standards

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Student Code of Conduct Mission

Franklin Pierce University is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and productive learning environment within our community. The Franklin Pierce Student Conduct process exists to promote justice and fairness, by providing students who are accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct, and may face conduct sanctions, with an opportunity to be heard. It is expected that each person will grow to have a greater respect for self, others, and property. 

Student Code of Conduct Philosophy

Franklin Pierce University is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and productive learning community with its students.

The philosophy of Student Conduct is one of education. Franklin Pierce University has developed a conduct system, which will assist students as lifelong learners. This will facilitate the students’ cognitive and social development. The goal of Student Conduct is to help students grow and learn from their mistakes, rather than imposing arbitrary punishment.

As a part of its educational mission, the University has developed a Student Code of Conduct. The University believes that its proper role is to offer opportunities for the personal growth of its students. Students are expected to become familiar with, and adhere to, the University’s standards and policies for student conduct. Furthermore, students are responsible for their actions, and those who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

A developmental student conduct program is built to discover teachable moments in all conduct cases (from documentation through the hearing). The teachable moment is the point at which the student displays an interest in, or an ability to understand key developmental challenges. This is when a student sees the source of their behavior, or can be motivated to change the source of the behavior.

Anonymous Reporting Forms 

If any member of the community (student, faculty, staff, or outside community member) feels that an incident has occurred violating the COVID policy, or any other University policy, our
Incident Reporting form can be used to submit Anonymous (or non-anonymous if the submitter chooses) information about concerns that have happened on or off campus.

For the Anonymous (or non-anonymous if the submitter chooses) reporting of information regarding incidents of Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, or Sexual Assault, please use our
Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

Helpful Resources

Safe Space

Safe Space

Safe Space Pledge

At Franklin Pierce University, it’s a Raven’s responsibility to be an Ally. A Raven demonstrates integrity and respect for the community. We must recognize that discrimination is not accepted, there is no excuse. It is our responsibility to intervene, safely, in situations where discrimination has occurred. A Raven looks out for others! Ravens must come together to create a safe environment in which diversity and inclusion are appreciated and where everyone is welcomed. It’s On Us, all of us, at Franklin Pierce University to end all forms of discrimination.

Safe Space Training

The purpose of this training is to provide students, faculty, and staff with basic information and skills to effectively support, affirm, refer, and advocate for LGBTQ+ community members as well as how to respond to and report incidents of hatred including assault and harassment. The training is meant to enhance sensitivity and raise awareness of underrepresented and oppressed identities.

What is an Ally?

An Ally is a person of one social identity group who stands up in support of members of another group; typically a member of a dominant group standing beside member(s) of a group being discriminated against or treated unjustly.


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