Student Sustainability

Eco Club

eco clubThe ECO Club began as the Environmental Awareness Club in 1990; over the years, many students have enjoyed such diverse activities as star-gazing on Mt. Monadnock, whale watches, organic brunches, and campus hikes, to name a few.  Student activists have worked on recycling projects, raised money to purchase sulfur dioxide credits to reduce acid rain, held fundraisers to protect the rainforest, cleaned up roadsides, built new trails, helped reduce food waste in the cafeteria, and more.

The ECO Club holds and hosts event including Focus the Nation, geared towards schools and universities throughout the Country to take the initiative in becoming “greener,” and meeting the goals of a carbon neutral campus.  The event foused on 350 ppm, the goal for the allowable amount of CO2 in the air.  The Sustainability Council and ECO Club partnered with owner of

eco club students

ECO Club students organized a clean up on campus, and they brought in a guest speaker from Climate Counts, an organization geared to educating consumers about shifting purchases and daily use items to support the companies and business that are focused on being carbon neutral.

Earth Week in April is always an important time for the ECO Club. Dozens of  exhibitors are invited, food, natural and organic body products and presented information about sustainability, Green and Eco authors bring thier books for talks and signings, and live entertainments brings great energy to the day. The ECO Club will help organizes events for Earth Week including a Lights Out competition to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas production, a “Green Business: The Next Generation” forum, a movie night, and live music, games and an environmental friendly sales table. Proceeds from the Earth Day enviro sales go towards the creation of an ECO Club garden outside the campus center.

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