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There are many ways to volunteer and stay involved with Franklin Pierce. Whether it is joining the Alumni Board or a committee, volunteering to speak to a class, becoming a mentor to a Franklin Pierce student, recruiting prospective students or participating in an alumni service project, your energy and contributions are very much appreciated.  For information about getting involved in your alumni association, contact or (603) 899-4030.

Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD)

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is a 16-member elected group of volunteers which strives to represent the views and interests of the entire alumni body. The Board ensures that there is clear communication between alumni and the University, and encourages alumni participation in all aspects of University life. Board terms are three years and begin in July of the election year. The work of the Board and the volunteer committees is critical to further both the reputation and the success of Franklin Pierce.

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The volunteer Board of Directors is a diverse group of alumni from various class years and campuses throughout the University's history. The entire board meets a minimum of 3 times per year (including a weekend-long retreat and alumni weekend) to promote alumni programming and to plan Alumni Reunion Weekend.

1966 - 1969
Henry Ellis '69 (2005-2009, 2013-2015) ~ Membership & Bylaws Chair
Ray Schank '69 (2009-2012, 2012-2015)

1970 - 1979
Arthur Fink '72 (2010-2013, 2013-2015) ~ Alumni Reunion Weekend Chair
Scott Babitts '73 (2011-2014)
Marcy Fink '73 (2006-2013, 2013-2015) ~ President
James McDonald '75 (2014- )

1980 - 1989
Bob Riley '82 (2011-2014) ~ Vice President for Academic Relations
Kim Riley '83 (2007-2010; 2010-2013; 2014-2016 )
Dave Masse '83 (2014- )

1990 - 1999
Shawn Marsh, Sr. '96 (2014- )
Chris Holman '99 (2012-2015)
Nicole Torday '98 (2001-2006, 2013-2016) ~ Vice President  for External Relations

Jennifer Scott Forry '04 (2013-2016) ~ Executive Secretary
Remi Francoeur '04 (2013-2015)
Tara (Pietraszuk) Shollenberger ‘04 (2009-2012) 

College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Pamela Sanderson ‘98, G'08 (2009-2012)         

Richard Falconi '69 (2010-2013, 2007-2010)
John Borino '69
John Washington '83
Katie Babitts (Parent Group)
Kevin Shirvell '01

The Board has 4 working committees:

Academic Relations Committee: is involved in many aspects of the academic life of the University from admissions to scholarships to career exploration and networking opportunities for students and alumni.

External Relations Committee: works to engage alumni in both university and alumni-specific events, benefit programs and other opportunities for Franklin Pierce students and alumni. The Alumni Chapter volunteers are a part of this committee.

Membership and Bylaws Committee: is charged with coordinating the nominating efforts for the alumni board of directors, ensuring communication of the bylaws to the Alumni Association, and reviewing bylaws and making recommendations for changes.

Alumni Reunion Weekend Committee: helps plan and encourage participation in class reunions and Alumni Weekend events. The committee also helps engage alumni to volunteer as class agents.

Each committee has open membership - any alumnus can join. The committees work with the University on a variety of issues, plan an array of alumni events and programs, and help connect alumni with each other and with Franklin Pierce.

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