Life Beyond the Classroom

Life at Franklin Pierce University is as busy as you want it to be. Join a club. Take in a comedy show or musical performance in Spagnuolo Hall. Attend a Hall Meeting & CA Event. Run for Student Government. Become a Student Leaders. Take a recreation trip. Volunteer in the local community. Host a radio show. Make the team. Help rebuild homes during Spring Break. Sign out a kayak and paddle around Pearly Pond. Join an intramurals team. Start the weekend at a Frankie P Friday event. Or just meet with friends over pizza in the Raven's Nest. The opportunities are limitless and the choice is yours. One thing is certain. As a Franklin Pierce student, you will quickly find a comfortable place to live and learn in a welcoming community. 

Campus Life

Campus Life

No matter what you‘re interested in, there's something for you at Franklin Pierce University. It's not a question of what to do. It's a question of how to fit it all in.

  • Student Involvement
  • Campus Recreation
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Community Service
  • Intramural
  • Leadership Development
Student Services

Student Services

Learn about the range of services available and how you can make the most of what we offer.

  • Center for Academic Excellence
  • Wensberg Writing Center
  • Health Services
  • Campus Safety
  • Residential Life
  • Outreach Education & Counseling
  • Student Financial Services
  • Career Services
  • Information Technology
  • Food Service
Residential Life

Residential Life

The core of your Franklin Pierce campus experience is the community you create, and it starts in residential housing. More than 90 percent of Franklin Pierce students live on campus. You will find a real sense of community here. We welcome you to our "Raven Nation" community.

  • Student Housing
  • Student Conduct
  • Housing Forms
  • Residential Life Staff
  • Peer Leadership