Jennie Brown

Jennie Brown

Associate Professor of Psychology


  • Ph.D. Experimental Social Psychology, New Mexico State University, 2006


  • Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • Evolutionary Psychology (with laboratory)
  • Case Studies in Espionage
  • Psychology of Terrorism
  • Psychology of Intelligence Analysis


  • Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Evolutionary Psychology


Professional Memberships

  • Human Evolution and Behavior Society
  • Northeaster Evolutionary Psychology Society
  • Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society
  • Team-Based Learning Collaborative
  • Association of Psychological Science
  • Society of Personality and Social Psychology


  • Institutional Review Board
  • Rindge Institutional Review Board Subcommittee
  • Faculty Development Committee (2011-2017)
  • Director of FPU Psychology Research Lab


  • Associate Editor of Evolutionary Psychology (Specialty Section of Frontiers in Psychology)


Brown, J., Tighe, S.*, Brown, D., & Thacker, J.* (2017). Prevalence and Comparison of Evolutionary Psychology Course Offerings in the United States. Oral presentation at the Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society 2017. Binghamton, NY.

Brown, J., Bureau, S., Bizon, S., & Trafimow, D. (2017). Using Individual Characteristics to Assemble Successful Learning Teams: Which Variables Matter? Poster presentation at the Association for Psychological Science 2017. Boston, MA.

DaSilva, K.*, Brown, J., Ramsey, L.*, Osborn, M.*, Perry, M., DiSaia, N.*, & Wilhelmy, J.* (2017). Mate Aggression and Intimate Partner Violence on a College Campus. Poster Presentation at the Association for Psychological Science 2017. Boston, MA.

Brown, J., Allain, L.*, Peters, V.*, & Lund, B.* (2016, March). The Effect of Student Note Taking on I-RAT and Exam Scores in a Team-Based Learning Course. Poster presentation at the Team-based Learning Conference 2016. Albuquerque, NM.

Brown, J., Tighe, S.*, Ramsey, L.*, & Bureau, S.* (2016, March). The Effect of Team-Based Learning on Undergraduate Reading Ability. Poster presentation at the Team-based Learning Conference 2016. Albuquerque, NM.

Brown, J., & Bureau, S.* (2016, March). Comparing Traditional and Online I-RAT Methods: The Effects of Testing Environment on I-RAT Grades in a Team-Based Learning Course 2016. Poster presentation at the Team-based Learning Conference. Albuquerque, NM.

Brown, J., Allard, H.*, & Rossetti, R.* (2015, November). Involving Student Research Assistants in Program Assessment and Curriculum Enhancement. Panel presentation at the New England Educational Assessment Network. College of the Holy Cross, November 2015, Worcester, MA.

Brown, J., Allard, H.C.*, Goode, D.*, & Rossetti, R.* (2015). Outcomes assessment at small colleges: Achieving two goals with one assessment. Assessment Update, 27, 5-6.

*indicates publications with students