Shallee T. Page

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Shalle Page's Bio Photo


A.B., Biochemistry, Bowdoin College
M.A., Science Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cornell University

Phone: (603) 899-4204

Courses Taught
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
Research Interests & Expertise Areas
  • Protein biochemistry and biochemical nutrition
  • Cell biology
  • Genomics and transcriptomics
  • Bacteriophage and C. elegans

Publications and Presentations

Hanauer, et al. 2017. An Inclusive Research-Education Community (iREC): A model for Student Engagement in Science. Science. Publication under review.
Dedrick, et al. 2017. Prophage-mediated defence against viral attack and viral counter-defence. Nature Microbiology 2, Article number: 16251 (2017)
Mills, et al. (2016). Genome Sequences of Newly Isolated Mycobacteriophages Forming Cluster S. Genome Announcements. Genome Announc. Sep-Oct; 4(5): e00933-16. .
Wilson, et al. 2016. Analysis of Gene Expression in an Inbred Line of Soft-Shell Clams (Mya arenaria) Displaying Growth Heterosis: Regulation of Structural Genes and the NOD2 Pathway. International Journal of Genomics.  Volume 2016, Article ID 6720947.
Wilson, et al.  2015.  Sequencing, Annotation and Characterization of the Mitogenome of the Soft-shell clam Mya arenaria. Mitochondrial DNA .
Pope et al. 2015. Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity. eLife. 2015; 4: e06416.  (consortial publication >2000 authors, including myself and eight UMM undergraduates).
Page, S.T. 2014.  Polyglutamine Folding Diseases.  In Molecular Life Sciences: An Encyclopedic Reference. Eds. Ellis Bell, Judith S Bond, Judith P Klinman, Bettie Sue Siler Masters and Robert D Wells.  Springer, New York, p 1-6.

Professional Memberships

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • New England Association of Chemistry Teachers

Conferences Attended

  • 2017 NH-INBRE Big Data Symposium
  • 2017 NH-INBRE Annual Conference.
  • 2015 Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution Conference.
  • 2015 Northeast Regional IDeA Conference. 
  • 2015 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education Alliance Phage Symposium.
  • 2015 New Hampshire Sea Grant Symposium.


Grants Received

  • NIH/Maine INBRE“Genomic Analysis and Comparative Transcriptomics of Growth Pathways and Cancer Susceptibility Genes in the Soft-shell Clam Mya arenaria.” - $260,350.(#P20-RR-016463)


  • Curriculum Committee 2017-present.
  • NEASC Standard IV Committee 2017-2018.