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Chemistry serves as the central natural science—this foundational study of atoms and molecules bridges biology, physics, geology, and environmental science. Therefore, chemistry is the starting course of study for biological and environmental scientists, as well as professional healthcare providers.

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What Makes Our Chemistry Program Different?

Our Chemistry minor engages you in an active curriculum that utilizes modern analytical instrumentation in conjunction with lectures, hands-on learning laboratories, and interactive classroom demonstrations. If you choose to pursue a major in Biology, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, or Criminal Justice, the Chemistry minor will complement your field of study

What Can I Do With a Chemistry Degree?

Franklin Pierce graduates that have successfully completed the Chemistry minor have gone on to become research scientists, science teaching faculty, physicians, physician assistants, and veterinarians.

What do Chemistry students Learn?

The Chemistry minor provides you with the knowledge, skills, and credentials that are valued across career paths. If you plan to enter into the fields of medicine, environmental or biological studies, or health sciences, this program
will strengthen your resume. If you plan to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, you will find that the minor delivers requirements needed to pursue graduate programs in forensic science.

To earn the Chemistry minor, you must successfully complete a 22- to 26-credit course of study.


The Chemistry minor has five required courses and one elective:

  • CH101 General Chemistry I
  • CH102 General Chemistry II
  • CH211 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH212 Organic Chemistry II
  • CH312 Quantitative Analysis

Choose one of the following courses:

  • CH221 Environmental Chemistry
  • CH321 Biochemistry
  • CH299, 399, 499 Independent Study in Chemistry
  • CH460–462 Internship in Chemistry

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