Visual Arts

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Undergraduate Minor

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Rindge, New Hampshire

Visual art connects the world in a personal way. The Visual Arts minor is designed to enhance your creative and artistic ability, while appreciating the rich history of art.

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What Can You Do with A Visual Arts Minor?

This program is designed to work with a range of majors that value creative thinking and practices. The program provides you with the knowledge, skills, and credentials that are valued across career paths. If you plan to enter into the fields of fine art, graphic design, photography, communications, marketing, music, or advertising, this coursework will help strengthen your résumé and prepare you to begin a successful career. The skills you will develop can help gain a competitive edge in a number of industries, including art, business, and manufacturing.

What do Visual Arts students Learn?

You will explore art in a variety of ways while studying unique artistic concepts, such as painting and glassblowing, alongside history and foundations of art concepts.

Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in the Visual Arts you must successfully complete 18 credits of study in fine arts. The visual arts minor has a requirement of six courses and a maximum of eight.

Required Courses

  • FA180 Foundations of Art or FA183 History of Art
  • FA201 Drawing I

Choose one of the following

  • FA101 Two-Dimensional Design or FA102 Introduction to Sculpture

2 - 4 Additional Electives in Studios

  • FA217 Photographic Processes I
  • FA221 Ceramics I
  • FA231 Painting I
  • FA235 Printmaking I
  • FA251 Glassblowing I
  • FA302 Drawing II

Choose 1 - 3 elective studio courses

  • FA227 Photographic Processes II
  • FA303 Drawing III
  • FA304 Drawing IV
  • FA310 Photographic Processes III
  • FA322 Ceramics II
  • FA323 Ceramics III
  • FA324 Ceramics IV
  • FA332 Painting II
  • FA333 Painting III
  • FA334 Painting IV
  • FA335 Printmaking II
  • FA337 Printmaking III
  • FA338 Printmaking IV
  • FA352 Glassblowing II
  • FA353 Glassblowing III
  • FA354 Glassblowing IV

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