Women in Leadership

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Undergraduate Certificate

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Rindge, New Hampshire

The Women in Leadership certificate program will help you break through social, economic, and political barriers for women. In these interdisciplinary courses, you will find your voice and leadership style while studying the history of women’s activism for equity.

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What Can I Do With the Women in Leadership Certificate?

The Women in Leadership program credentials you as theoretically and materially knowledgeable in women’s and gender issues, opening up opportunities in leadership positions, and complementing professional qualifications in fields including: education, law, social services, cultural anthropology, counseling, business, health services, public administration, public relations, archaeology, sports and recreation, criminal justice, journalism, community development, and politics. The program enables you to develop the skills necessary to lead with the global community in mind.

What do Women in Leadership students Learn?

Your coursework and co-curricular offerings will present opportunities to be engaged. You will foster new ways of thinking about and becoming a leader through the study and practice of negotiation, assertiveness, balance, and prioritization. You’ll learn best practices, pursue internships that promote social action projects, and develop confidence and the ability to publicly express ideas.

These experiences can cultivate an interest in social justice and develop skills to help women solve real-world problems.

Certificate Requirements

To earn the Women in Leadership certificate, you must successfully complete a 15-credit course of study.

  • WL115 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WL490 Women in Leadership Seminar Internship
  • WL491 Internship in Women in Leadership or in your major

Choose two of the following courses

  • AN216 Human Sexuality
  • AN225 Women Around the World
  • AN302 Sex, Gender and Archaeology
  • COMM336 Gender in Media Representation
  • COMM337 Children and the Media
  • EN270 Women Writers
  • HS322 Comparative American & European Gender History Since 1650
  • HS341 American Women’s History: Beyond Sisterhood
  • MU210 Women and Music
  • PS155 Psychology of Gender
  • PS300 Theories of Intimate Violence
  • SO220 The Family
  • WL115 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WL490 Women in Leadership Seminar
  • WL491 Internship in Women in Leadership

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