Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Franklin Pierce Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD) oversees efforts to advance, support, and foster lifelong bonds between alumni, students, and the University. The AABOD is composed of volunteers who demonstrate service, leadership, and Pierce Pride, along with a strong understanding of the mission of the Alumni Association and University.

The AABOD works closely alongside the Director of Alumni & Parents Relations to plan Alumni Reunion Weekend, Homecoming, and other Pierce events held on any of our five campuses or throughout the country. This group of dedicated volunteers also oversees the Alumni Scholarship Programs, Alumni Service Awards, and supports current students with career mentoring and networking opportunities.

To be nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors you may submit your self nomination to the Alumni Relations Director. The nominations will be compiled and elections held in the Spring of each year. A term on the Board of Directors is for three years and provides a rewarding opportunity to volunteer your time to Franklin Pierce University. Download the Alumni Board Nomination form

Bob Riley
Bob Riley

Volunteer: 2007 – Present
Bob joined the board to reconnect with the University. "I had a great experience at Franklin Pierce and still consider Pierce a special place. Volunteering allows me to share my job experiences and career skills to help and give back." Bob is the newly elected President of the Alumni Association; his main objective is to advance the mission of the Association by supporting the interests of the University and fostering strong lifelong bonds between the University and its alumni body.
Marcy Fink
Marcy Fink '73
Vice President, Reunion and Homecoming Weekends

Volunteer: 2006 – Present
Marcy joined the board because she felt it was important to support and give back to the University. She was the Associate Program Manager for foreign military sales for the Program Executive Office of the U.S. Army’s Electronic and Intelligence Warfare, Product Manager Radars. Marcy retired after 40 years of service to the US Army in 2012. She happily retired in Lewes, Delaware, with her husband Art ’72.
Henry Ellis
Henry Ellis '69
Vice President, Membership, By-Laws and Elections

Volunteer: 2005 – Present
Henry got involved with the AABOD as a result of the fact that Franklin Pierce "has a connection to almost every aspect of my life, from meeting my wife to my work as a teacher. I doubt that I can ever pay back completely what I believe I owe Franklin Pierce, but I intend to keep trying." Henry has served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for the past 10 years, three of which he served as the President. In his current position, he is making the by-laws easier to work with and bringing new members to the Alumni Association Board of Directors.
Kimberly Neher
Kimberly Cook Neher '89
Vice President, External Relations

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
"Joining the Alumni Board was an opportunity to reconnect with Pierce and help shape its future. I want to lend my support by planning successful events, promoting the University, supporting its staff, and engaging fellow alumni to ensure the continued success of Franklin Pierce. We gained so much more than an education from our days in college. Giving to Pierce is a way to say thank you and to help support the next generation. I want others to have the life changing experiences that I had at Franklin Pierce."
David Masse
David Masse '83
Vice President, Academic Relations

Volunteer: 2013 – Present
David joined the Alumni Board to give back to the University. "Franklin Pierce gave me a solid foundation and I hope to encourage past and future graduates to participate in alumni events." David is currently an IT Manager for Schneider Electric. He is the Senior Warden at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Center at the University of Rhode Island, is the coach for Chariho Little League Baseball, and is a member of Ocean State PMI as well as Rhode Island Men’s Senior Baseball League.
Scott Babitts
Scott Babitts '73, P'09

Volunteer: 2006 – Present
Scott wanted to give back to Franklin Pierce and got involved with the AABOD to do that. He got into sales in the pharmaceutical industry upon graduation, and then joined a family business 35 years ago. He is now the President of Stewart Howard Interiors, a wholesale manufacturer of draperies and custom window treatments. Scott and his wife Katie have two sons; one is a 2009 graduate of Franklin Pierce.
Danny Becker
Danny Becker '70

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
Danny was voted onto the Alumni Board this past June and is excited about this new volunteer opportunity. He wants to "preserve the legacy of Franklin Pierce for all the past and future alumni. Giving back is the best way to help others like myself, who was not the best student in high school. Pierce gave me the opportunity to pursue my goals and career." Danny resides in Haverhill, Mass. with his family. Read his letter to alumni to see what his goals are for his role on the Alumni Board.
Nicole Torday
Nicole Torday '98

Volunteer: 2004 – Present
Nikki joined the board because she wanted to give back to the University that gave her so much. Through local chapters, she hopes to encourage all her fellow alums to come back to see what is going on with the University they know, love, and that gave them so much. Nikki also wants to show the current students what they have to look forward to when they graduate, and what the alumni can do for them. Nikki works as a nursery school teacher; her Franklin Pierce education is put to good use every day on the job. Nikki also volunteers with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, and The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry.
Grace Ames
Grace Ames '12

Volunteer: 2016 – Present
Grace is not only a new 2016 board member, but also our youngest member to be on the board in all of Pierce history! We are thrilled to welcome her to the Alumni Association Board of Directors and are excited for the energy and fresh eyes that she will bring to the team. When asked why she joined, Grace stated, "Even though I graduated, I never stopped feeling like Franklin Pierce was my home. By joining the board I hope to bridge the gap for people who are a few years out and haven't yet realized all the opportunities there are to stay involved beyond making financial donations. I want people to remember again why they loved being a Raven and keep that feeling alive!"
Jason McCormack
Jason McCormack '95, MBA '13

Volunteer: 2016 – Present
Jason is one of our newest members of the AABOD. When asked why he decided to join, he stated, "For many years I’ve done stuff for professors and administrators of the college, but wasn’t able to join the AABOD due to my work schedule. When my work schedule changed this year, I was able to do more and knew joining the AABOD was the best way I could give back to the school that gave me so much."
Sarah Probst
Sarah Probst '98

Volunteer: 2016 – Present
Sarah joined the Board to give back to the University that she loves so much.
Josh Sigsworth
Josh Sigsworth '07, DPT '10

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
Josh joined the Alumni Association Board of Directors in June because he wanted to give back to his University, which provided him with an excellent education and opportunity “to live the life I have always dreamed of. I find it important to give back to Franklin Pierce because of the experiences I have had, the friends I have made, and the education that has provided me with an amazing career.” Josh is a physical therapist and resides in Braintree, Massachusetts, with his wife Anna.
Tara Wilkinson
Tara Wilkinson '97

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
Tara joined the Alumni Association Board “to honor the history of Franklin Pierce while advocating for the value, purpose, and pride of our institution in the future. The greatest resource of any community is the people who have been fortunate enough to be part of it. I have a responsibility to show my gratitude for the experience by sharing my time, talent, and treasure.” Tara resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the Vice President of Administration for Capstone On Campus Management.
Vaughan Merrill
Merrill Vaughan '12

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
Merrill is a first generation college graduate from an immigrant family. “Running for a position on the Board of Directors was a way for me to pay pack to the Alumni Association for a scholarship that I won, and to work for the non-traditional students and alumni from CGPS.” Merrill is a veteran and a high school substitute teacher. “Pierce gave me something that I first tried to obtain back in September 1967: a college education. There was a war on and I was waiting for my time to go into the service. When I entered Franklin Pierce as a CGPS student in 2008, I had the chance to finally achieve my dream of becoming a college graduate.”
Pam Sanderson
Pam Sanderson '98, M.Ed '08

Volunteer: 2015 – Present
Pam has a long history of volunteering with the Alumni Association and has recently rejoined the board of directors. When asked why she chose to step up again, Pam stated, “I became active with the Alumni Association years ago to make sure that off-campus graduates from CGPS (although many are unfamiliar with this acronym) had representation upon the Board. Somehow, it became important to me for all Franklin Pierce graduates to celebrate their achievements and share in the fun of alumni events.”


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