Record Number of Franklin Pierce DPT Students Present Work

Jan 1, 2020

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February 14, 2017

Franklin Pierce University Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students and faculty are traveling to San Antonio, Texas this week for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting, where, beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, February 15), an impressive number of them will be presenting their research.

The Goodyear program had a record number of abstracts accepted (13!) for presentation at the meeting: four platforms and nine posters (see the details below).

The New Hampshire program will be presenting one platform and four posters (see the details below).

Also, Dr. Kim Kruchowsky, having passed her Board Exam, will be recognized at the Opening Ceremony by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.

The entire Franklin Pierce community is celebrating the accomplishments of its peers in the DPT programs with extreme pride!



TITLE: White Coat Syndrome: Effect on arterial blood pressure in a controlled environment 

PRESENTER: Tamara Hefferon 
AUTHORS: Tamara Hefferon; Katherine Arave; Sarah Mitchell; Amy Peters; Sean Sibbett 
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary 

TITLE: Comparison of supine legs elevated to seated ankle pumps for promoting venous return Following Moderate Ambulation 
PRESENTER: Brentana Schursky
AUTHORS: Don Shaw; Curtis Bierscheid; Erica Bodenbender; Brentana Schursky; Ken Toves
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary  

TITLE: Pressor and pulse response to music played during formal neuromuscular relaxation sessions
PRESENTER: William Dyakiv
AUTHORS: William Dyakiv; Christine Meconi; Brittany Simon; Cole Steffen; Don Shaw
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

TITLE: Use of telehealth for patients with congestive heart failure undergoing physical rehabilitation: A systematic review
PRESENTER: Ashley Anderson
AUTHORS: Ashley Anderson; Cody Hernandez; Calvin Saulog; Justin Royer; Joseph Padilla; Don Shaw
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary 

POSTERS (Arizona)


TITLE: The Effect of a Core Stability Training Program on Vertical Jump Performance in College-Aged Athletes: A Systematic Review 

AUTHORS: Meghan Rovig; Matrasa Bailey; Khristian Morrell; Molly Dolan; Sidney Kane 
PRESENTER: Meghan Rovig 
SECTION: Sports Physical Therapy: Biomechanics

TITLE: Is Mirror Therapy more effective at reducing Phantom Limb Pain compared to other interventions?: A Systematic Review 
AUTHORS: Deborah Chamberlain; Heather Hollinger; Ammon Lovell; Ryan Mueller; Holly Reid 
PRESENTER: Deborah Chamberlain
SECTION: Neurology: General

TITLE: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: Do Post Treatment Restrictions Affect Recovery? A Systematic Review 
AUTHORS: Deborah Chamberlain; Cayce Bradley; Steven Hansen; Colin Johnson; Nathan Reber 
PRESENTER: Deborah Chamberlain 
SECTION: Neurology: Vestibular SIG

TITLE: High Intensity Interval Training and Its Effects on Short-Term Memory in First Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Students 
AUTHORS: Scott Richardson; Grant Frost; Patricia Gomez; Andrea Weber 
PRESENTER: Scott Richardson 
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

AUTHORS: Scott Richardson; Nadia Babbitt; Neil Roberts; Matthew Glombicki 
PRESENTER: Scott Richardson 
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary 

TITLE: Tenure-track junior faculty job satisfaction in U.S. physical therapist education programs
AUTHORS: Kimberly Varnado; Debra Bierwas; Jeffrey Alexander; Don Shaw
PRESENTER: Kimberly Varnado
SECTION: Education

TITLE: Gait training progression after incomplete tetraplegia
AUTHORS: Jamie Nesbit
PRESENTER: Jamie Nesbit

TITLE: Arterial Blood Pressure Response to Repeated Cuff Re-inflations without Interposed Rests
AUTHORS: Don Shaw; Stephanie Johnson; Tamara Hefferon
SECTION: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

TITLE: "Effects of Multidirectional Gastrocnemius-Soleus Stretching vs. Static Gastrocnemius-Soleus Stretching on Closed Chain Dorsiflexion" 
AUTHORS: Kimberly Kruchowsky; Thomas Land; Blake McDonald; Christopher Melcher; Derrick Talley 
PRESENTER: Kimberly Kruchowsky 
SECTION: Orthopedics Foot/Ankle 

PLATFORMS (New Hampshire)


TITLE: Impact of Skilled Pelvic Floor Muscle Training on the Incidence and Severity of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Pregnant and Postpartum Women: A Systematic Review 
PRESENTER: Dr. Olga McSorley 
AUTHORS: Dominique Heres; Katlyn Liley; Ashley Russell; Olga McSorley 
PLATFORM: Women's Health

POSTERS (New Hampshire)


TITLE: "Efficacy of LSVT BIG, Rock Steady Boxing and traditional exercise on gait and functional mobility in patients with Parkinson's disease: A systematic review"
AUTHORS: Christopher Conti; Nicholas Heafield; Ashley Noke; Nichole Slabinski; Amanda Crowell; Christine Moss; Melanee Newman; Ann Coventry
PRESENTER: Dr. Ann Coventry 
POSTER: Neurology Degenerative Disease SIG

TITLE: "Screencast versus Classroom Lecture: Does Mode of Content Delivery Impact Physical Therapy Student Confidence with Applying Physical Agents? A Pilot Study." 
AUTHORS: Lewis Cassidy; Trisha Boldt; Rachel Eddy; Jaimee Enos; Olga McSorley; Mary Palaima
PRESENTER: Lewis Cassidy 
POSTER: Education 

TITLE: "Stress Reduction Techniques for the Treatment of Brain Injury: A Systematic Review" 
AUTHORS: Eileen Dalton; Norah Snow; Charles Carville; Lauren Fischer; Grayson Grzegorczyk; Samantha Hetzel; Chesney Silmon; Jennifer Parent-Nichols
PRESENTER: Jennifer Parent-Nichols 
POSTER: Neurology: Brain Injury SIG

TITLE:  "When the Student Becomes the Master: A Case Study in Developing Skills and Confidence in Physical Therapy Students as Clinical Instructors"  
AUTHORS:  Lewis Cassidy;  Olga McSorley  
PRESENTER:   Lewis Cassidy  
Poster:  Education


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