Franklin Pierce Providing Scholarships and Immediate Admissions for Current Students of Mount Ida College

Apr 16, 2018

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Mount Ida Scholars

Franklin Pierce University is offering students of Mount Ida College scholarships and an expedited admissions path for those currently enrolled and for those students who had planned to attend the Massachusetts liberal arts college that announced its sudden closure last week.

According to Vice President for Enrollment Linda Quimby, “We will provide 20 full-tuition scholarships for current Mount Ida students who enroll at Franklin Pierce as full-time residential students. Additional applicants will be eligible to receive generous transfer scholarships. All scholarships will be awarded through undergraduate degree completion.”

Franklin Pierce will provide immediate admissions and financial aid review for any current Mount Ida student in good standing or prospective students of the college. In order to further streamline the process, Franklin Pierce will offer Mount Ida students no application fee, a seamless transfer of all credits with a passing grade, and any outside scholarships will stack on top of the full tuition waiver.

To keep Mount Ida students together during the transition, Quimby says that she has been in touch with colleagues in residential life at Franklin Pierce. “We will create a student living community on campus for Mount Ida students with housing options for them as roommates and friends,” she said.

Franklin Pierce gained national recognition for its 2005 “Katrina Scholars” program that brought students from devastated campuses in New Orleans to Rindge, N.H., for a semester, and the University also offered students affected by 2017’s Hurricane Harvey an opportunity to attend the fall semester free of charge.

To apply, visit the Undergraduate Online Applications page or view a list of the Academic Programs.

For more information, visit the Mount Ida Scholar page, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or call the Office of Admissions at 800-437-0048.


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