Franklin Pierce University Promotes from Within

Aug 28, 2014

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Linda Quimby

Franklin Pierce University announced that Linda Quimby, a 20-year employee of the University, was promoted today to the new position of executive director of enrollment for both the College at Rindge and The College of Graduate & Professional Studies.

The promotion is a shift in the organization of Franklin Pierce. Previously, the position was a vice president who oversaw both enrollment and marketing. There now will be a director of University marketing and an executive director of enrollment, giving each more time to focus on those key roles. As the competition for students intensifies in the New England region, it is necessary to take a more aggressive approach to marketing and to focus more intently on active recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students. The University is currently in the process of searching for a new marketing director who will be named soon.

“I am quite pleased that Linda has accepted this new role at the University. She knows the school, knows the students, and knows how to match the two together,” said President James F. Birge.
“I love seeing students at transition points,” said Quimby. “You get to interface with them at that critical juncture where they do a lot of reflection and goal setting. It is a privilege and an honor to engage with them at that juncture – they’re opening their life to you.”

Quimby brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position. During her 20 years at Franklin Pierce she has worked within enrollment, with the past five years as the Director of Admissions, focusing primarily on the College at Rindge.  

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