Students Organize “Women in the Arts” Exhibit

Nov 15, 2013

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Women Arts

Four Franklin Pierce University students are organizing a display of works of art by women students, faculty, and staff members. The exhibit will be held November 22, 4-7 p.m. at the University’s Lakeside Educational Center and is free and open to the public. For their work on this project, seniors Michele Desabrais, Rachel Lofgren, and Emma Priester and sophomore Seanna McNary will earn credit in “Introduction to Women’s Studies,” a course taught by Humanities Professor Donna Decker.

“I’m very proud of these young women,” said Professor Decker. “Even before we had explored all of the possibilities for the culminating project of the semester, this group came to me and said they knew what they wanted to do.” Asked why it’s important to have an art show just for women’s work, Professor Decker cited two reasons: “Women have been marginalized in the art world, as they have everywhere, and it’s an opportunity to showcase the creativity found in this community.”

This project represents one of five in the Women’s Studies class, a requirement for which is creating an educational presentation for the community. The others include the topics women and the media; domestic violence; rape on campus; and the Violence against Women Act.

Visual art works on display will include paintings, photographs, sculpture, drawings, pottery, and works in glass. Through the use of laptops, the exhibit will also include a rap song and other creative writing.

Exhibit organizers Michele Desabrais, Rachel Lofgren, and Emma Priester are pictured in photo.

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