Academic Showcase Kicks Off Spring Events

Mar 27, 2017

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Franklin Pierce University will celebrate the scholarly and creative work of its very best students during the 2017 Academic Showcase on Tuesday, April 18. The University will not hold classes during the day-long celebration, which will welcome the local community and greater region to attend poster sessions, panels, roundtable discussions, musical and theatrical performances, the “Raven Brain Bowl” and more across the College at Rindge campus.

Students will present on topics including:

  • The Giant, The Rebel and the King: a study of US, Kurdish and Turkish Relations;
  • Are Vascular Conductance and Muscle Blood Flow During Exercise Affected by Hypoxia and Arterial Perfusion Pressure?;
  • For Better or For Worse: Intimate Partner Violence from 1630s to 1900.

Sample faculty and staff presentations include:

  • Strawberry Fields Forever: Lennon's Hesitant Declaration of Self;
  • Why Free Trade is Good for You;
  • Spirituality, Self-Reflection, and Community Service: Creating an Eco-village Model for Student Retention.

Performances and exhibitions will include:

  • From the "Land of Song" to the "Land of Liberty": Ballads, Songs & Stories - Ireland to America!;
  • A Brief Explanation and Demonstration of Electromagnetic Induction, an Experiment of General Physics;
  • Ceramics Studio Exhibition: Learning to Make Beautiful Ceramic Art;
  • Moot Supreme Court Hearing of Kosilek v. Spencer (2014, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit) Demonstration;
  • Black Box: Dramatic Effect Presents: A Snip-It of A Midsummer Night's Dream; and
  • “Soundfield,” “Flakes, and Snakes and Bifaces” and other exhibitions will be ongoing throughout the day.

“This will be our eighth annual presentation of the Academic Showcase,” said President Kim Mooney. “I continue to be more impressed by the breadth of topics, depth of research and analysis, and the overall caliber of our students’ work each year. We expect this showcase to be another fun, inspiring day for the community to join us here on campus to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and the brilliance of the future that their work represents.”

The Raven Brain Bowl is a quiz-like event based on old television shows such as “College Bowl” and its successor, the “Quiz Bowl.” The Raven Brain Bowl will pit teams of Franklin Pierce students against each other in a winner-take-all contest, with questions drawn from the range of disciplines represented in the Franklin Pierce curriculum.

Developmental educational psychologist and author Manya Whitaker, Ph.D. will also be on campus to host a series of faculty and student workshops that will culminate in a community keynote address. This presentation will speak to the recent activism on college campuses, highlighting the causes, the process, and the outcomes. After a brief historical overview of past student-led movements, Whitaker will discuss how such activism is an integral part of social justice pedagogy, noting in particular, student and faculty responsibility in ensuring a just society.